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TI-99/4A Equipment & Software

Product List

TI Vendor List By Gary Cox- A list of all of the known producers/sellers of TI-related products.

TI Hardware and Software

Ramcharged Computers
P.O. Box 81532
Cleveland, OH 44181
(216) 243-1244
Contact: Ron Markus, [email protected]

Joy Electronics Inc.
Joy Electronics apparently has a large inventory of both hardware and software. Command modules, joysticks, RF modulators, transformers, PE boxes, other hardware, software and books are listed in their catalog.

Joy Electronics Inc.
11258 Goodnight Ln. #110
Dallas, TX, 75229-3395

Frank Billeri
Frank Billeri has a large inventory of TI-99/4A hardware and software. He is also willing to help with technical questions. His contact information is:

Frank Billeri
515 Newport Avenue S.
Attleboro, MA

508-761-7245 evenings
[email protected]

Looking for more hardware? Check out the TI-99/4A Technical/Hardware Page (Both of the repair centers listed on that page also sell hardware), or check the TI-99/4A Classified Pages.

TI Software

Click on the links below to see a description of the software... Contact info. is included in the descriptions.

Addatex Software

Notung Software

Software By Don Shorock

Virus Attack By Vern Jensen

CaDD Software
PC99- TI Emulator
CYC- Database of TI Articles & Information
Cyc Review- Review article by Charles Good
Manuals- Original TI-99/4A Manuals

'TI-99/4A Items For Sale/Trade' Links

The Richard Bell Home Page
-Richard is selling 99/4A, Geneve, CC40, and Rave 99 items.

Anything 80's

Zach D's TI For Sale

Atari For Sale Area-Games, instructions, some hardware.

4A Cartridges

Kropf Computer Services, Inc.

SteveR's Classic Cartridges

Surplus Traders

The Orphanage -Software, cartridges, hardware.

Video Game Advantage -TI carts as well as a couple of systems.

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