Virus Attack By Vern Jensen

Virus Attack is a new (made in 1996) action/strategy game for the TI in the Tetris/Columns genre, but completely different! Made in c99, it is very responsive, has background music, colorful graphics, sound effects, and more. Battle viruses on 20 different levels, on any of 3 speeds, before they take over your computer! Use either the keyboard or joysticks.

Everyone who has played Virus Attack so far has said it is great, and even addictive, including Bruce Harrison, who made some assembly routines for it.

Virus Attack is $15 shareware, requires Extended Basic (the game will load from either XB or EA, but the Instructions require XB), and comes on a SSSD disk. To order Virus Attack, send $15 + $2 S&H to

Vern Jensen
910 Linda Vista Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103

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