Don Shorock Software

Educational shareware author Don Shorock has turned his programming skills in the DOS direction, but his TI is still up & running and he's still willing to help those maximize the educational potential of the TI-99/4a. Prices quite negotiable. All come on SSSD disks. Cassette only users can be helped ... within limits ... just inquire.

5 full disks, focus is especially on math & geography.

5 full disks, including tutorials, kana vocabulary drills, Kanji drills, and tools for getting Japanese text on paper for those with TI-Artist Plus.

A generic vocabulary drill for each of 30 different languages. All contain at least one starter vocabulary list, but allows the user to add vocabulary lists covering words he/she is working on.

One disk full of custom-made fonts, including Old English and italic calligraphic style fonts that have kerning.

A series of games designed to help teach geography. User "flies" a dot over an accurate silhouette map of region in question, looking for the destination. Original AIRTAXI uses US/southern Canada map. Others include maps of other continents, Britain. Yet others work with maps of specific states. These include KANSAS, UTAH, ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA/NEVADA, ALASKA, PENNSYLVANIA & NEW JERSEY.

This is a disk that contains tutorials for getting started in c99. This one was produced by Don's son, Tom ... who was 14 years old at the time.

SCOUT MUSEUM (sent free to anyone donating $10 to the Central States Scout Museum ... not otherwise available).
Author donated a full TI system to Central States Scout Museum in Larned, Kansas. Entire system is kept in locked cabinet, with public access only to the TV and the joystick. The entire disk is joystick-driven!!! Every program has something to do with Scouting. Half are original programs written for the purpose; the other half are public domain TI software modified to pure joystick input.

Inquiries should be directed to:
[email protected]
Postal inquiries to: Don Shorock, PO Box 501, Great Bend, KS 67530

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