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Technical Articles

Gary Cox has written some great articles about the TI-99/4A. Among them are articles on repairing the 99/4A, hard drives on the 99/4A, and accessing the internet with the 99/4A. He has made them available on his Classic Computer page.

TI Repair Center

Please note that WHT not only repairs 99/4A equipment, but they also sell and/or produce equipment as well.

-Western Horizon Technologies repairs 99/4A computers and Myarc Geneve computers. Free Estimates.


SuperAMS is a new expanded memory system for the TI-99/4A.

This is a link to the Official SouthWest Ninety Niners User Group's SuperAMS page.

TI Pinouts

I would like to thank Thierry Nouspikel for sending me these pinouts.

Use these pinouts at your own risk. I cannot take responsibility for the correctness of them. Don't attempt any changes to your computer if you don't know what you're doing.

Cassette Port
Video and Power
Cartrige Port
Card Slots (Inside PE Box)
Side (Peripheral) Port

TI Cartrige List

TI cartrige list compiled by Bruce Tomlin.

TI cart rarity list compiled by Bryan Roppolo

Looking to buy hardware? Check out the TI-99/4A Product Page or the TI-99/4A Classified Pages.

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