Re: Much Hints and a few questions on TI99

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Posted by Jim on January 04, 19100 at 17:39:22:

In Reply to: Much Hints and a few questions on TI99 posted by Bromosel on January 03, 19100 at 23:45:18:

Here are a few remarks I found posted on the comp.sys newsgroups (actually I found them on comp.sys.ti)
I know they are talking about the actual magazine pages, but the case would probably be similar with disk images too.

> In my limited experience, finding the copyright holders of those old
> publications is difficult. When you can find them, they are usually happy to
> give permission to put the old material online, if you don't charge for it.
> Those copyright holders have inevitably moved on to other things, and don't
> want anything to do with ambitious projects to put old magazines on the net.
> Nor do they tend to have any of the old editorial material in digital form
> any longer. So fire up that scanner.
> I've received permission to put old Antic and STart magazines on the Web,
> which I'm doing at I've also received permission to
> put material from Creative Computing online, but I haven't had the time or
> energy to do anything there.
> --Kevin Savetz
> --
> Kevin Savetz

The operating word here is 'permission'. May be hard to track down to obtain,
but it is essential. (We all know how the word 'assume' can be divided up.)

Glenn ([email protected])

> Now, I COULD create a website and just upload scans from the
> magazines I have, but that would likely draw various legal
> problems which I'd rather not deal with. I would really much
> prefer that the actual copyright owners are involved in
> approving or doing something like this themselves.
> OTOH, posting those old mags on a website may be EXACTLY the
> way to find those copyright holders! ;)
> -Mr. Boffo
> Email: [email protected]

Hope this bit of info helps out. Good luck.

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