Re: Much Hints and a few questions on TI99

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Posted by Roger on January 07, 2000 at 22:49:30:

In Reply to: Re: Much Hints and a few questions on TI99 posted by Jim on January 04, 19100 at 17:39:22:

: Here are a few remarks I found posted on the comp.sys newsgroups (actually I found them on comp.sys.ti)
: I know they are talking about the actual magazine pages, but the case would probably be similar with disk images too.

: > In my limited experience, finding the copyright holders of those old
: > publications is difficult. When you can find them, they are usually happy to
: > give permission to put the old material online, if you don't charge for it.
: > Those copyright holders have inevitably moved on to other things, and don't
: > want anything to do with ambitious projects to put old magazines on the net.
: > Nor do they tend to have any of the old editorial material in digital form
: > any longer. So fire up that scanner.
: >
: > I've received permission to put old Antic and STart magazines on the Web,
: > which I'm doing at I've also received permission to
: > put material from Creative Computing online, but I haven't had the time or
: > energy to do anything there.
: >
: > --Kevin Savetz
: >
: > --
: > Kevin Savetz

: The operating word here is 'permission'. May be hard to track down to obtain,
: but it is essential. (We all know how the word 'assume' can be divided up.)

: Glenn ([email protected])

: > Now, I COULD create a website and just upload scans from the
: > magazines I have, but that would likely draw various legal
: > problems which I'd rather not deal with. I would really much
: > prefer that the actual copyright owners are involved in
: > approving or doing something like this themselves.
: >
: > OTOH, posting those old mags on a website may be EXACTLY the
: > way to find those copyright holders! ;)
: >
: > -Mr. Boffo
: >
: > Email: [email protected]

: Hope this bit of info helps out. Good luck.
There are already people who have put a lot of magazine material and some magazines in PDF format onto the web. ONe is cadd electronics and Dr. Charles Good who have scanned alot. Check the links.

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