Much Hints and a few questions on TI99

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Posted by Bromosel on January 03, 19100 at 23:45:18:

hints&more for the TI-99/4a
Collection/German-English-Translation: Bromosel
Release-Date: January 2000
e-mail: [email protected]
Oh, the text is unformatted! Copy it to notepad.exe in full-screen mode, when necessary.
Index of this document
1. Cheats in TI-Modules
2. Hints TI-Basic
3. Hints Extented Basic
4. Misc (OS-Bugs and hardware information)
5. Hardware: A list of construction plans and instructions I have for the TI-99/4a

Hi, TI-folks!
I found this site by searchin the web and it seems very great.
I hope, that this document is redable formatted, I'm relatively new in the internet-scene.
I'm a german TI-99/4a user since 1983. (whoopie!!!)
This is a collection of some things that may interest TI99-users, I typed them down just for
fun. At the BOTTOM of this document I ask a few questions.
From 1984-1986 existed a german magazine called 'TI-Revue', published by 'TI-Aktuell-Verlag'.
I collected all issues including the SPECIAL-issues with tons of programs.
Beside these magazines, I bought also other so-called 'Homecomputer'-mags and books.
(When I put them alltogether, the stack is about one meter high (metric system).)
At that old time, I was alone with my TI, because most of my friends owned no computers and the
others owned such computers like C64, Apple, Atari or ZX81/Spectrum.
But I never thought of throwing away my machine and I still own it today and it's still running,
running, running. (This little cockroach...)
And, luckily, I still own all the mags.
At last: As I told before, the sources for the following information are german magazines and
I translated the things in english. When you find strange words, then it's a lack of
meiy englisCHSHHEh. U undrstant?

1. Cheats in TI-Modules
Because I do not own every TI-Module, I can't say if all the cheats work.
I can say, that they work with PARSEC, TI-INVADERS and ALPINER, because I own them.
1.1. Munchman
1. Right after the title appears press 8 3 8 (while holding the SHIFT-Key)
2. RND(0-2) choose round
3. SCN(0-19) choose screen
4. MM(1-9) choose lives
1.2. TI-Invaders
1. Right after the title appears press 8 3 8 (while holding the SHIFT-Key)
2. SLOW SPEED(Y/N) choose speed
3. SCREEN(00-40) choose screen
1.3. Moon Miners
1. Right after the title appears press 8 3 8 (while holding the SHIFT-Key)
2. LEVEL(00-59) choose level
3. MOON MINERS(1-9) chooser lives
1.4. Hopper
1. Right after the title appears press 8 (while holding the SHIFT-Key)
2. ROUND(0-9) choose round
1.5. Alpiner
1. Right after the title appears press 8 3 8 (while holding the SHIFT-Key)
2. choose players
3. choose number of alpiners
4. choose level
5. type in the names
1.6. Parsec
To fire without overheating the laser, hold Q while firing

2. Hints TI-BASIC
When you find bugs in some routines, then it's a typing error unfortunally made by me, sorry.
I did not keep an eye on BIG or SMALL letters. I assume, that a TI-user is used using the TI.
Some of these routines possibly not work with V9t9 or other TI-emulators.
2.1. DISPLAY AT - Simulation
10 REM Main-Program
20 A$="Hello"
30 Y=10
40 X=10
50 Gosub 100
99 REM Sub-Routine
100 For z=0 to len(a$)-1
110 call hchar(y,x+z,asc(seg$(seg$(a$,z+1)))
120 next z
130 return
Variables and notes:
Y: Row
X: Column
A$: Text
len(a$)+x must be <=32

2.2. SIZE - Simulation
1 A=A+8
2 gosub 1
Run this program until MEMORY FULL appears. then type PRINT A and you get a value
that represents the ca. avaiable free memory.

2.3. Strange screen effects
CALL KEY(0,K,"@@@@
@@@@@@@########### ([email protected], 64x#)
--- Now you get a message INCORRECT STATEMENT
--- Is there a '0' left of the cursor?
--- when YES, try this:
(press the ENTER-Key)
(Press the CLEAR-Key)
--- try this until you have some strange effects
--- YOU MUST switch off the computer before writing new programs!!!

3. Hints Extended Basic
3.1. SUB-routines at the beginning of a program
100 goto 150 :: CALL SUB1 :: !add more subs here
110 sub sub1
120 Print "hello"
130 subend
140 [email protected]
150 REM Main
160 call sub1
170 end
3.2. CLEAR-simulation (setting all variables to zero, strings to "")
100 a=1 :: b=200 :: c=134
110 run 120
120 print a,b,c (result: all variables are zero)
3.3. NEW-simulation
call load(-31965,21)

3.4. Memory-Expansion ON/OFF
100 call load(-31868,0,0) :: run "DSK1.XXX" ON:
100 call load(-31868,255,231) :: run "DSK1.XXX" Note: Don't forget to run a program directly after the LOAD-command. Otherwhile
the computer does some strange things or crashes.

4. Misc (Hardware, OS-Bugs etc.)
I added some OS-bugs to this document, some funny things. Maybe some of them doesn't work on
every TI99, because the OS was altered through the production period.
I did not try everything with V9T9, so I can't say what works and what not.
I was very concentrated in the PIN-section, so there should be no mistakes by me.
4.1. Protected program listings (you need: 32KB-Module, Extented Basic)
call init
call Load(-31931,128)
call init
call load(-31931,0)
4.2. Pins of the cassette-interface
\1 2 3 4 5/
\6 7 8 9/ (this is the recordercable)

1-recorder 1 motor +
2-recorder 1 motor ground
3-signal ground (output)
4-output for amplifier
5-signal output recorder 1 & 2
6-recorder 2 motor +
7-recorder 2 motor ground
8-signal input recorder 1
9-signal ground (input)

4.3. Pins of the PAL-Modulator-Output

2 4
1 5

1 - +12V (controlled)
2 - Y-signal video out
3 - R-Y-signal video out
4 - B-Y-signal video out
5 - audio signal
6 - ground

4.4. STOP simulated with CALL LOAD
Call Load(-31932,0)

4.5. OS-Bug I
BYE from within a program (changing from Extented Basic to TI-Basic without losing the
the program in memory. If you are in Extented Basic, try this:
It does not work with a memory-expansion!
[email protected]
110 call char(0
200 REM Main Program
---- now you get an INCORRECT STATEMENT error
---- You see TI-BASIC READY
---- Your program is still in memory
4.6. OS-Bug II
Systemcrash from within TI-BASIC
CALL KEY(0,K," ... ...") (try different numbers of spaces, I don't know exactly)
4.7. OS-Bug III
Input-Crash (ExBasic)
10 for i=1 to 4 :: accept at(i,i+1):a$(i+i/2) :: next x
4.8. OS-Bug IV
1! (after the ! you must type CTRL+U until it beeps)
--- now list the program with FCTN+X and hold the SPACE-Key while listing
4.9. OS-Bug V (maybe not a real bug...)
1 call screen(2)
2 call screen(3)
3 goto 1
---- while pressing the FCTN-key, it runs faster
4.10. OS-Bug VI
call load(-31965,19) --- no more statements possible (wether NEW or BYE and other)
4.11. OS-Bug VII
call load(-31965,20) --- when you now want to edit a program, the TI does NEW

4.12. Some PEEKS and POKES (only with ExBasic and 32K-expansion)
!!!At first type: CALL INIT (otherwhile the computer may crash)
for t=0 to 255 step 4 :: call load(-31400,t) :: next t (some unusual sounds)
--- -31744 < normal sound adress
for t=16280 to 16383 :: call peek(t,a) :: print chr$(a); :: next t (read REF/DEF-Table)
- The following does a TAB-TO-THE-LEFT
1 x=65 :: for t=0 to 20 step .5 :: print chr$(x); :: x=x+1
2 call load(-31873,t) :: next t
4 for t=20 to 0 step -.5 :: print chr$(x); :: x=x-1
5 call load(-31873,t) :: next t :: goto 1
-- Stop this routine by pressing FCTN+CLEAR

- This one reads and lists a program that was killed with NEW:
1 for T=-1000 to 0 step -1 :: call peek(t,a) :: print chr$(A); :: next t
4.13. OS-Bug VIII
1111 <4 times
333333333 <9 times
44444444444444 <14 times

5. Construction plans and instructions
In the magazines there are many construction plans with the layout of the 'platines'
and lists of used parts. (I did not find the english word for 'platine': it's the
thing where you put the electronic parts with a soldering iron, understand?)
I don't know, if copying or scanning these plans is legal (after 14 years).

Here's a list of all construction plans I have for the TI-99/4a
(I don't know if the translation of a device-name is always correct...)

8-channel I/O
Centronics Interface
PIN-description of the I/O-Port (only a description)
Single-Step Mode
80 KB memory expansion
Module platine ROM/GROM
Remotecontrolling with the TI
Single-Step Mode for the P-Box
32 KB memory expansion
Number block keyboard (like on PCs)
A/D transformer
Connecting old Centronics-Printers(like Model 779) to TI-PIO
Atari-Joystick without Adapter
Plotter (yes, a complete construction guide) needs the 8-channel I/O
Proportional controlling for a joystick
BC-decimal transformer for the keyboard port
Output module (for steering robots and so on)
10-channel I/O (direct access of the RS232-Interface for the P-Box)
NF-Amplifier, 6 Watts
Adapter for 2 Atari-Joysticks
(Remember: The Joysticks for C64, Amiga 500, Atari-Systems were called Atari-Joysticks)

Note: I did not built any of these devices myself expect the Adapter for Joysticks.
There was no negative echo by the readers, so that I think, that they all work fine.
When you're interested in some of these plans, tell me (see e-mail adress at the TOP).
The problem is: The instructions are all in german. When you have a solution for this
thing, tell me.

The last issue of the 'TI-Revue' was dated December 1986. After this date, I have
no more material on the TI-99/4a. I converted to the upcoming AMIGA 500. (AHHHHHH!!!!!)
I hope, that you TI99-Users found something of interest in this document.
When you have more questions, you can e-mail me.

Personal Report-Generator (I don't use it)
Adventure-Module (without tapes, no use of it)
Extented Basic

German mags, where a gained all information:
'CHIP' - more technical info
'ELO' - more electronic info
All the following mags had been discontinued mid/late 80ies and do no longer exist:
'TI-Revue' (I own around 25-30 issues)
These mags handled many homecomputers beside the TI99 (VC20, VC64, Apple II,Atari800xl, ZX81,
ZX Spectrum, Bit 90, TRS 80, Sharp MZ, Dragon 32/64 and some more) amount of 30-40 issues
'Mein Heimcomputer'
'Happy Computer'
'Hobby Computer'
All above mags contain together (I guess) above 200 listings in BASIC, ExBasic and Assembler

Cheerioooo, Bromosel!
QUESTION AT LAST: When I want to make some selfmade-diskimages and I want to share it
with other TI-Users, how does it work. My idea is to type down and translate programs for the
TI99 from these mags and store them on my PC. Where can I send the diskimages to?
Is there a 'Software-Archive' somewhere?
Has anybody of you knowledge with the copyright laws? I'm not interested in selling anything.
When I name the original author and the copyright year when publishing it, would that be legal?
It would only be a hobby of me, without a profit or something.

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