Latest Build of Ami99 - Doesn't Work

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Posted by Stiletto on November 18, 1999 at 18:41:39:

Okay Tursi,
We've progressed a little from the Kernel32.dll error.

Now what happens is that the program actually executes, and I can hear it initialize the audio... (speakers pop), and the GUI appears... but...

The video frame is empty, actually transparent, and the hard drive is extremely noisy/busy, and my computer slows down incredibly. I can't control-alt-delete, I have to cold boot the computer to restart. I am not running any programs at all,and loading the bare minimum of drivers.

SO - perhaps it is doing what it is supposed to do... but I can't imagine it is. This emulator should run full speed on a Pentium (at least I hope so!) and I have a PII-266. But this is pitifully slow - perhaps not working - on my system running Win95 OSR2.1.

(I'd love to upgrade to Win98 and wipe Win95, but I have too much junk off the Internet on my drive, and I borrow someone else's Net connection when I get the chance, so I don't have one on my machine, so while I have a brand new 20 GB drive, I'm waiting to install it until I can transfer everything off the Net that I need. But anyhow, it should work on Win95 on a PII266 at full speed.)


P.S. Thanks for that Zip file...
P.P.S. Next build of MESS, v0.36 beta 9, should have full keyboard support in the TI99-4/A driver. Also, Raphael Nabet fixed a small bug in the TMS99090 core. Perhaps you might want to investigate.

Finally, I think you'll find this link useful:

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