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Posted by Tursi on November 19, 1999 at 19:09:49:

In Reply to: factor23 backs me up... hopefully you'll see the same thing on the new Win95 box, Tursi... (NT) posted by Stiletto on November 19, 1999 at 09:49:01:

Well, I did get a chance to try it on Win95 OSR2 (I'm not installing older), and you're right, it didn't work. If you resize the window, you should get it to draw 1 frame, but it never updates.

The problem, which baffles me, is that the timer event was never setting, so the emulator never knew when to redraw the screen. I've tried a couple of workarounds, and finally implemented one.

The weird thing is, the implemented solution made the emulator run at obscene speeds... I don't know yet whether I broke something, or fixed somethat that was broken (I will check tommorrow, I left the code at work). But it's FAAAST now on a P3. ;) I don't guarantee it'll stay that way, if it's something broken. ;)

I *was* able to check speed on a lower system, though. It was usable, though I think slightly slower than a real TI, on a Pentium 200MMX under Win95 OSR2.

On the other end of the spectrum, with the broken timer (maybe), the entire Demonstration cart runs through from the first lines to the 'press any key to see more' in just a few seconds on a P3-500 under Windows 2000. ;) (In the default window size).

I couldn't work as much as planned on it, because my web server suffered hard drive damage, and I spent most of the day coddling the data out of it. ;) That's most of tommorrow, too.

No update yet, but I at least have that problem fixed. I just need to find out if the timers are working correctly or not.. things are so fast it's hard to tell.

I also fixed several bugs that would have (and did) make Ami99 crash on machines with no sound card.

The conclusion.. Windows 95 is even blechier than I thought, and to my surprise, Win98 has a lot more functionality. But, I'll keep trying to make Ami99 work under 95.

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