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Posted by Roger on August 28, 1999 at 22:59:38:

In Reply to: Re: v9t9 & pc99 posted by Tursi on August 22, 1999 at 20:22:00:

: : Now, here's a question I've seen asked here several times, but I've yet to see an answer.
: : Is there any way to make those *.dsk files, which are found inside the 99er.exe archive, readable by either v9t9 or Ami99?
: --

: They aren't useful for Ami99 due to the limited disk support. Ami99 can only read PROGRAM image files stored as single files on the PC hard drive.

: V9T9 doesn't seem to like them, either, so I spent a few hours tonight looking at both formats. I have a written a program that rips through either disk on a disk format, displays the filenames and sector locations, and attempts to dump the files as individual PC files with V9T9 headers.

: However, it doesn't (quite) work. PC99 disks seem odd to me, and if someone got me documentation on how the file is structured I would try again. I had thought they were just raw disk dumps, but each sector seems to be 334 bytes, not 256.
: I'm likewise doing something wrong with V9T9 disk formats, probably in the header, as everything saves somewhat corrupted. (Oddly, I have a disk manager that works completely, but everything else loads corrupt or fails to load at all.)

: Anyone have information on the structure of V9T9 files, and V9T9 and PC99 disk-on-a-disk formats? My program is prolly just missing a few minor things.

The v9t9 files are just straight files as you would get if you transfer a file from a Ti computer to a PC computer via xmodem. However, a utility called xmdm2ti is used to copy the dumped files to the v9t9 program folders and strips the first 6 bytes header iformation off. The filenames are then used as the disk names. If you do not strip the header you will see {ti file) as the filename in some catalog programs except one that I wrote usually will give the correct filename. Also, if you use the filecheck integrity program, it will give a file error if the header is still on the file. The files can be any length depending on the program length. Pc99 files are all the same length except for the dsdd disks are longer. All ssdd or dssd are same length.

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