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Posted by Roger on August 30, 1999 at 00:27:40:

In Reply to: Re: v9t9 & pc99 posted by Tursi on August 29, 1999 at 21:01:56:

: : The v9t9 files are just straight files as you
: :would get if you transfer a file from a Ti

: The basic bits I know.. I'm not sure what you mean by the 6 byte header, though.. the v9t9 files have a 128 byte header which is supposed to be the first half of the FDR. My program copies that off the disk to the file, and the filename and filetype both list successfully in v9t9, the files just seem corrupt. (Except, as I said, I copied DiskManager 1000 off one disk file and it works perfectly. That baffles me. ;) )

: :any length depending on the program length. Pc99
: :files are all the same length except for the
: :dsdd disks are longer. All ssdd or dssd are same
: :length.

: Yeah, I poked through the PC99 disks, and the structure doesn't match what I expected... but maybe this is because I've never seen a DSDD disk on the TI before? I can't find the directory index sector, and the sectors seem to be longer than 256 bytes. Weird.

Your right! the Ti files have a 128 header. The part I am talking about is that Texas Instruments set things up that all the files have a front that says [Ti File]. This identifies the files to the computer as a Ti file. AS I understand it, this is the part that is cut off. If I do a direct xmodem transfer of a file and just copy it straight to the program, when it is cataloged you see the [Ti file] instead of the real filename. If you use xmdm2ti then you see the correct filename. I have a program that will convert v9t9 disks to pc99 disks. Could this program be looked at and the process reversed? The pc99 disks had to have additional information added since they are not real disks as I understand it. The structure of the Dos file includes ti sectors 0 and 1, the Ti FDR's , and the Ti files themselves. The Ti files can be fractured and not necessarily in contiguous order in the Dos file, just as on a real disk. The Dos file also contains all of the inter-sector information. This would make conversion of v9t9 disk to PC99 disks or files, easier since I believe the v9t9 files would never be fractured, always intact. Whereas the fractured files would have to be put into contiguous order for the v9t9. A pc99 dssd disk is 260,240 bytes. I think I got the 6 bytes from the extra information on the grom dumps.

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