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PEB Power Supply redesign
(05-12-2015, 11:20 AM)sjt99 Wrote:
(05-04-2015, 05:51 PM)bholcomb007 Wrote: Hello,
  I obtained an old PBE box with the interface card, the 32K Mem Expansion, Disk I/O controller and an RS232 interface card inside.  The cards are in good condition, but the power supply board has 2 bad inductors on it and looking over the design, I was thinking of redesigning the Supply board and adding regulators for each of the voltages.  Has anyone thought of or done this previously?

Thanks to all in advance!

Yes, people have re-worked the supply to add additional capacity for example.
I can look around for a schematic.
2 Bad inductors?


Yes, The power coils in the PI filters were burnt up...and they are a pain to find in the same package due to their age.
I have the schematic and I was thinking of putting regulators on the board for the 3 voltages that are not regulated, the +/- 16V and the +8V power lines for the PEB bus.
The inductors (coils) were bad, you could see the hot spots on the board under them.  It would not be too much to create a new board with the supllys that regulate the required voltage for all 5 voltages requred, but I was just seeing if anyone has done this before to save some time on the design, etc.


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