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  Free - Ellicott City MD, 21042
Posted by: jlbehr - 10-06-2016, 10:33 PM - Forum: For Sale - Replies (3)


Free for whoever wants to pick it up:

Expansion box with:
  P-Code (Pascal) card
  Assembly language Card
  Disk controller card
  RS-232 / Serial Card
  - Some or all (paper based) manuals for the above

  TI99/4a Consoles
  speech synthesizers
  power supplies
  game cartridges
  cassette based applications

Ellicott City, MD 21042

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  Free Equipment - Pick up in St. Helens, Oregon
Posted by: RichP - 10-03-2016, 12:02 PM - Forum: For Sale - No Replies

I am posting this on behalf of an individual in St. Helens, Oregon who has 6 boxes of TI99 equipment that she would like to give away.  A complete inventory is not available, but the lot includes 3 TI consoles, a speech synthesizer, lots of games, files, and newsletters.  If interested, contact me at [email protected], and I will forward your information to her.


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  Selling my TI99/4a collection
Posted by: MStlouis - 09-21-2016, 08:56 AM - Forum: For Sale - No Replies

I have quite a bit of TI99/4a items in my collection that I've had for probably 10+ years, but have found that I haven't used them in a long time and with a baby on the way, need to make room for the next adventure. It is all in storage, so I'm working from memory here. I know I have at least 8 or more consoles, beige & black, a PEB, a brown TI monitor & a brown Commodore monitor that I always used with the TIs because it had a larger screen. I also have a ton of various cartridges, some disks, a beige TI cassette tape recorder, a beige replacement keyboard and much more. I am in Michigan. I'd prefer not to sell things piece by piece, as I see that process being quite cumbersome, but may be willing to break it into a few lots. If anybody is interested, I am willing to get everything out of storage and make a through inventory. Please just let me know. I have really enjoyed my years as a collector and I have an appreciation for the TI and would love to see this stuff go to someobdy who would enjoy it.

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  floppy disks made on Ti99/4a
Posted by: computer1984 - 02-17-2016, 03:46 PM - Forum: Questions, Projects, etc. - Replies (1)

Please excuse my ignorance.
On or about 1984 I had a Ti99/4a computer and saved simple programs  (basic and extended basic) made by me to floppy disks
I found this site and thought I would ask this question"
Is there any way to convert these so that they will play on a pc (xp or vista or win 7 or win8 etc)
I do have an old computer (xp) that has a floppy slot so that would of course be the best one for me
Non of the original Ti equipment is working or available
Please respond because if there is nothing available then I am going to toss the box of floppys . Im getting old
and throwing stuff. Thanks

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Posted by: Tekola - 02-13-2016, 09:53 AM - Forum: Wanted - No Replies

Cleaning out my attic.
I have Ti99/4A working with many cartridges.
Expansion box, disk floppy drive, (unknown condition, safely boxed in original boxes not hooked up in 30 years)
Also TIlogo,
Editor Assembler with manuals.
Too big to ship, headed for trash heap soon.
Any offers on Long Island NY? $20.  Free?
Do not have the heart to throw it out.  Wife does.
email tekola(a)gmail.com

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  Free - Disk/Cartridge Storage Containers (Carts Not Included)
Posted by: RichP - 01-28-2016, 10:11 PM - Forum: For Sale - No Replies

Free- Just pay for the cost of shipping from Ohio.

-3 3.5" disk caddys

-1 3.5" disk flip-file

-2 cartridge cases (no keys).  These cases were not designed to hold TI cartridges, but they work really good for them.  I included the pic with the carts so that you can see how they fit.  (again, carts are not included)


PM me with your address, and I can tell you what the shipping via USPS will be.  I can take payment via PayPal.


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  Compact Program Recorder
Posted by: RichP - 12-08-2015, 07:27 PM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (2)

Anyone (Ksraul?) know anything about this compact program recorder?  


I have both white and black program recorders, but I'd never seen one of these smaller ones until I came across this one.  

Here's a pic next to a standard recorder for comparison.  

It has the same model number as the other program recorders.   I just double checked my own pic, and it does have a different model number:  CPR-001.
I don't know if it had something to do with the CC40, or was it just a new, portable model?



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  Consoles, joysticks, games, etc.
Posted by: Silvermeteor - 08-12-2015, 10:17 PM - Forum: For Sale - Replies (2)

I have two consoles, two working pairs of joysticks (1 Ti & 1 Powerstick) plus 1 Ti joystick not working, numerous cartridge & cassette games and more. I am looking for someone in the US that would be interested in purchasing the whole lot. Willing to work a trade for camera equipment compatible with Canon T3i. I am not expecting to make a million dollars but I would like something to use for camera equipment since I live on a fixed budget. At this time I do not want to sell it in pieces so please do not contact me unless you are serious. I will consider any offer. I can make a list and photos available to those with a serious interest.

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  Arcturus TI-99/4a on eBay
Posted by: chrevans1 - 08-12-2015, 09:36 AM - Forum: Ebay - Replies (1)

I recently purchased a large collection of pre-NES games and systems from a person who cleaned out a large collection from an electronics collector. In that collection was the copy of Arcturus that I am auctioning in this auction:




Unfortunately, I do not have a TI-99, and shockingly, there wasn't one in the collection. I was told that before the consoles and games I purchased were separated,  a pile of Commodore 64 and other early computing hardware was put in the dumpster. It is my understanding that this game also requires the 32K expansion unit, but I'm also assuming that most interested parties would have that setup. 


I was unable to find any pricing information on the cartridge other than a forum post from 2008 that said Arcturus would sell for $150 on its own, so I started it at $99.99 with no reserve. I put Priority as the lowest level shipping option. I will work with the buyer to use whatever shipping method they desire. 


If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]

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  Saving adventure tapes to disk
Posted by: Musicanic - 08-05-2015, 04:39 PM - Forum: Software - Replies (5)

I have recently resurrected my TI99/4a after some 30 years, and have now added a new PEB plus disk drive a 32k Mem.  I have started copying my old Basic and XBasic programs to disk but I also have a few adventure tapes which work with the adventure module.  Does anyone know a way of copying these onto disk to save the laborious (and unreliable) process of loading via tape recorder.  I have Xbasic and should soon have the new XB2.7 module, so could utilise assembler if necessary.  Surely someone has already done this ??
Thanks from the UK - are there many TIers still in the UK?

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