Howard Uman's Games

Howard Uman wrote these games and is now making them available to the public. They are on one disk which will autoload from extended basic and can be downloaded here in V9T9 format. Howard also wrote 'Artist Enlarger' for Asgard. Although Howard still has an interest in the TI-99/4A, he now programs on the PC, and you can see what he's up to by visiting his website at


Your ship is dropped from a helicopter and you must pilot it to destroy the enemy. Be sure to surface for air every once in a while!

Dragon Storm

Jump the fire balls and save the princess from the dragon!

Flying Fortress

In this multi-screen game, you must first pilot you bomber through a successful takeoff. Then, while flying to your target, you have to defend yourself by shooting down enemy aircraft. If you make it to your target, you then face the challenge of bombing it before being shot down.


Fight the computer or a second player!

Road Warrior

TAfter your vehicle is dropped off on the track, you must dodge your opponents during a race to the finish line!

Tin Star

Game is not available

Download Uman's Games:

V9T9 Format
umangame.dsk - 90KB

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