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XBGame Developers Package
Date Added: Aug 30, 2018 12:22 PM
Description: XB Game Developer's Package "ISABELLA"
Update - "ISABELLA" is simpler to use, faster, and more versatile than ever. When compiling, all the fields are filled out automatically and you just press Enter every time there is a prompt.
The package contains two applications that work together to make it possible to produce arcade quality games with XB.
XB256 greatly expands the graphics capabilities in XB, allowing a program to toggle between the normal XB screen and a second screen that can define all 256 characters. There are routines that can scroll in any direction one character or one pixel at a time. Sound tables can be played from XB (2 at a time if desired) and there are utilities to compile CALL SOUNDs into sound tables.
XB COMPILER compiles an XB program into the equivalent assembly language, giving a 30x or better gain in speed. It supports all the subroutines in XB256. It has been greatly expanded and now user subprograms can be compiled. About the only XB features not supported are DEF and the trig functions.
Although designed to complement each other, they are stand alone utilities. Both can be run on a real TI99 with nothing more than XB, 32K and a disk drive.
Creator/Author: Harry Wilhelm
Version: 4-24-18 Isabella
File Size: 2,569KB
Type Of File: ZIP
MD5: 7b944da4aed5baca1dcf2c85a9d688f7
Last Download: Jan 27, 2022 11:38 PM
Downloads: 1096
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Tags: utilities, XB, games, programmig
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