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Date Added: Jan 02, 2015 01:45 PM
Description: Playground is a package making it possible to create assembly language programs that run from TI BASIC on an unexpanded console using only a cassette player to load the program(!)
Although primarily intended for use in TI BASIC, programs written for playground can be run from XB, saved in E/A 5 format, loaded into a supercart, and even made into an actual cartridge.
The manual describes in detail the differences in style necessary when programming for an environment that runs in only 256 bytes of memory. There is a library of subroutines for printing text, printing a number, shifting blocks in VDP, generating random numbers, using the line editor from BASIC, HCHAR, VCHAR,GPLLNK, a bit reversal routine, and a fast scroll routine. Source code is included for three different programs that should help you get started.

Creator/Author: Harry Wilhelm
Documentation: /files/wilhelm/Playground.pdf
File Size: 208KB
Type Of File: ZIP
MD5: 98ccecf287fb1ba2be875621be9b2a38
Last Download: Feb 23, 2024 03:15 PM
Downloads: 1230
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Tags: utility, assembly
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