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Playing 'Kpacman'- a very good Pacman clone. At first, the only version of Kpacman that I could find was a tar file although I knew from the Zaurus Forums that there was an ipkg (the install package that the Zaurus uses) install of it somewhere out there. Following another lead from the forums, I found it at It installs fine, but to the wrong place and still won't run. Another forum post instructs the following line to move it to the correct directory:

cp /home/QtPalmtop/share/kpacman/ /home/root/Settings/

This is bash accessed via the terminal program. The terminal program (as well as the file manager program- using a Windows style interface) are not installed on the Zaurus by default. They are included on the software CD or can be down loaded on all of the Zaurus software sites.

Frotz - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Playing Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy using the Frotz adventure program.

Media Player - MP3
Listening to an MP3 file using the included media player. The media player also plays MPEG4 video.

My Zaurus is connected to my home wireless 802.11b network with a Netgear MA701 wireless network card installed in the compact flash slot. After upgrading to the latest Zaurus ROM update (2.4.6 as of now), the MA701 was fully supported and worked as soon as I plugged it in- no drivers to install!

Opera Web Browser
Viewing the main page of this site using the included Opera browser. You can choose 4 'zoom' levels- this is the largest setting. I usually browse on the tiny size, but then zoom in to one of the larger settings. Resolution is pretty good, so you can actually read pretty well at the medium setting. When a site tries to pop up a new window, Opera will show it in the bottom half of the display, and give you an option to choose either the top of bottom window.

My favorite way of listening to MP3's is by using submount to mount my WinXP desktop machine on my Zaurus and then listening wirelessly while I roam about the house. To do this, I use the smbmount program that can be down loaded from:

To use it with my machines, this is the syntax:
smbmount //xxxxx/y /mnt/smb -o username=zzzz,ro
xxxx=the network name of the computer where the drive is located that you want to mount.
y=the shared drive letter of the drive that you want to mount.
zzzz=the username that you use to login to computer 'xxxx'
If all goes well, after you type this line in while at the bash prompt, you'll be prompted for the password that you use with username 'zzzz'. After that, drive 'y' will be mounted on your Zaurus through the network at /home/root/mnt/smb/y

Kismet wireless network sniffer (Kismet-qt front end shown). Kismet detects wireless networks- I'm using it here to see what information someone could detect about my network. You can download Kismet from, and Kismet-qt can be found at The Kismet ipkg file is down loaded as a tar.gz file and needs to be unpacked on the Zaurus first. Once that's done, the ipkg file does not install through the regular software install interface for some reason and has to be done from the command line. Here are the instructions that I found on the Zaurus Forums and worked for me (for installing Kismet- KismetQt is installed afterward just like a regular package):

1. You need to copy the entire tar.gz file over to the Zaurus
2. cd /home/root/Documents/applications/x-gunzip
3. gunzip kismet-zaurus-arm-2.4.6.tar.gz
4. tar xvf kismet-zaurus-arm-2.4.6.tar
5. cd kismet-arm
6. ipkg install kismet_zaurus_2.4.6_arm.ipk

KinkattaLite AOL instant Messenger Client

MAME. The MAME emulator has been ported to the Zaurus as Zmame and can be down loaded from:
Once I down loaded it, I unzipped the tar.gz file on my desktop computer using my unzip program. Then, I up loaded only the zmame binary file to a new directory on the Zaurus. I had to make it executable with the following command:
chmod a+x zmame
ROM image files (newer versions only) can be kept in the same directory as zip files or unzipped to their own directories. MAME can then be run with the following:
./zmame -rp . -rr rom_name

Game Boy Emulator (coming soon - it works, but the buttons aren't mapped right. A fix is promised)

VNC Server. After installing the VNC server on my Zaurus, I'm able to control the Zaurus through my wireless network with my Win(XP desktop computer. First, you have to install the zlib package on your Zaurus. It can be found at Then, you have to download the server portion from and install it on the Zaurus. Next, you download the VNC viewer program on the Windows computer from After getting both to connect, you get a window on the desktop computer that shows exactly what is on your Zaurus screen. Clicking on something in the window with your mouse results in the same action on the Zaurus- just as if you'd tapped it with the stylus! Same with the PC keyboard. This is really useful if I have my Zaurus in the cradle and therefore can't access the keyboard- I just use the PC keyboard instead.

The reverse is also possible. You can download a VNC viewer program for the Zaurus from A VNC servers for different platforms can be found at . After installing both and getting them to talk, you can fire them up and control your other computer with the Zaurus. In other words, through the wireless network, I can see what is on my desktop PC, and 'click' on the PC screen by tapping in the corresponding place with my stylus on the Zaurus.


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