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Posted by Tursi on June 14, 2000 at 15:34:53:

In Reply to: Well, I knew that... anyhoo... (more) posted by Stiletto on June 13, 2000 at 11:32:52:

: I wasn't sure how cross-platform the header thing was. But at any rate...

DOS/Windows basically use COFF, which is pretty common. I had to write a program to rip it apart. It's an ugly header. Fits into Windows well. ;)

: How you doin', bro? So you have the new dynamically recompiling TMS9900 core finished for Ami99, now all redone in assembler, eh? ;-)

Heehee... yeah, right. I need to learn assembly first. (hmm, but I could do dynamic compilation to C, in a roundabout way... ;) )

But the CPU core is still fast enough. It's the video core and memory functions that need improvement, imho. ;)

: But seriously, had any time recently to futz around with Ami99?

None at all. But I got to try it on a dual P3-750 machine. Hey, it's the only multi-threaded TI emulator out there. ;)

: Actually - on second thought, I just went to see the updated "Lion's ROAR" and can understand if you're very busy and all. but I was wondering if you'd done anything recently.

Just moved to California from Virginia.. that's been quite the hassle. Slowly getting set back up.. my server is online again, but I'm not happy with the speed I'm getting from my DSL. Might try something else.. I hear the cable around here is pretty sweet. ;)

:You're one busy busy guy - and has merited a bookmark from me to catch all the latest updates...

Yay! ;) Subscribe to the Tursi Channel. I'll update it when new things happen and you'll see it right on your desktop (requires Active Desktop, of course).

:Post more links to your projects there when you can... I am interested in a few things - reverse-engineering a Teddy Ruxpin, Vectrex programming, the Discs of Tron Quake2 mod (someone's working on an entire TRON mod for Unreal...)

Well, yeah, but it'll still *be* Unreal.. my idea was to duplicate Discs of Tron the arcade game, using the Quake2 engine for 3D graphics. ;) It's going slow, though, once I realized that despite the graphics engine I still needed to write the whole game, and find a way to patch it into the engine... ;) I also need someone who knows how to make the level better. The level I built is functional, but I don't like that the platforms are square. ;)

Teddy Ruxpin docs I just forgot to post, I'll put those up tonight (hopefully the DNS will be fixed by then).

Vectrex programming I won't have any docs up for, as I haven't produced anything useful (though I published docs for building a multicart, including the ROM image to burn).

: If you make SSA for the Vectrex, release it as a ROM for the emulation community :) Also -

Heheh... that's the idea if I get time. ;) Also to make the carts if anyone wants a real cartridge.


Thanks, yeah.. not a lot of useful information there. With SNK announcing their withdrawal from the North American market, I'll prolly not worry about the NeoGeo Pocket anymore.

babble..babble...babble... ;) Sorry for the spam. :)

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