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Posted by fox on May 08, 2000 at 08:41:06:

Contrary to popular belief my page is mostly legal,
that is I do have permission to distribute any ROMs
that TI has a copyright on. The Atarisoft ROMs are
the only ROMs I am aware of on my page which TI has no
copyright on. The official letter from TI below should
clear up all the doubts concerning my page.

Mr. Fox,
Sorry for the delay in responding to your request. As you are aware (I
visited your web site) TI does not own the copyright in all the ROM images
you are currently distributing from your site. After some research I was
not able to determine which of the titles TI owns and which were distributed
under license from others. For those titles that TI owns the copyright in,
TI does not object to your distribution. If the software title contains a
copyright statement indicating TI copyright ownership you may be able to
assume TI ownership. However, we can not grant permission for titles we do
not own. I strongly suggest you delete these titles from your site until
you have received such permission. Your notion of allowing "evaluations"
does not work unless you have permission from the copyright holder. If the
copyright holder is still charging some type of fee for the title and you
are denying the copyright owner from receiving that compensation you may be
liable for such lost revenue.
Mr. Fox, I wish you luck in your studies in computer science. I urge you
to develop good habits now with respect to working within the copyright
laws. Computer science majors who understand the importance of avoiding
intellectual property infringement activity are valuable assets to the
companies they work for or own. If your college offers a course in this
area I urge you to take it, the information presented could be invaluable in
future years.

Herbert W. Foster
E&PS Business Services

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