One last note... about V9T9 of all things...

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Posted by Stiletto on May 03, 2000 at 16:22:54:

Apparently, as of April 20th Ed did one last update!

"Hi, this is an update to V9t9... a VERY INFORMAL update. I'm not working
on this version anymore, since it was written for DOS, and DOS is dead...
However, some things have changed which might make it more useful to run
under Windows, and there are some bug fixes too.

-- fixed video detection code which reported "you need an EGA/VGA card"
even if you already had one...
-- use direct access to the SB card, so CTVOICE.DRV isn't needed. This
should make noises and speech work better.
-- speech synthesis updates. I think it's actually worse than before,
-- added a divide-by-zero check (why?)
-- removed speech from demo playback (probably due to the speech bug)
-- better timer resolution for speech phrases echoed to screen
and for speech itself

Sorry, I've done no testing on this and can't explain many of the changes.
I just realized that the sources had changed a little over the past three
years and a new build should be released. None of the buggy serial utilities
have been fixed (d'oh), but I can point you to a site where a TI fan has
independently written his own. Look up:

for the main page, and find 'downloads' somewhere around there. Neat stuff!"

That's apparently the last word from Edward Swartz. Rumor has it he is working on a Linux version, but I'll believe it when I see it - he, who calls himself the "disgruntled emulation author." I'll still keep my old version around, just in case... But give this one a try, folx...
But there is a clue... "I am not working on THIS VERSION anymore, since it is for DOS, and DOS is dead..." Anyhow, I'll believe it when I see it...

BTW this Egroups mailing list mentioned on the main page is really cool!


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