Ami99 Bugfix

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Posted by Tursi on March 04, 2000 at 20:33:06:

I've fixed the XB crash bug, that was just silliness on my part, optimizing the write CPU byte function a bit. ;) The fixed version is on my page.

Regarding comments:
Glitches in the display related to the mouse are largely due to the video driver's mouse rendering. I'll see what I can do for it, it might be as easy as turning off the mouse when I draw. ;)

Real joystick support, yeah, there's no reason I shouldn't have that. ;) I'll see about adding it.. the hack that's in place for joysticks doesn't care whether it comes from the keyboard or not. ;)

Speech... I miss speech too, guys... but plugging it in isn't as easy as it sounds.. I need a lot of rethinking there...

Speed - the frameskipping is almost certainly your video card. This is not to say there are not better ways I can access the card, but my TNT2 runs perfectly full screen, while the Matrox G200 at work runs horribly slowly. A full screen mode will probably help that a lot.

Everyone seems to agree debug starts way faster than release. I'll try and figure out why, and see what optimizations can be turned on without hurting start speed. I *think* it caches DLLs differently in release mode (and that delay is why many big windows programs have startup splash screens). Ami99 loads a *lot* of DLLs.

Thanks for the comments.. remember - Ami99 is driven by your comments, almost exclusively at this board. :)

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