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Posted by Tursi on February 28, 2000 at 21:53:03:

I've tried 3 times from work to post this, but apparently my work PC was jealous, and kept hanging. Let's hope my home PC is more charitable. ;)

Ami99 has been updated, and the new build has been posted. A lot has changed, including the addition of 9938 support, thanks to Roland Meier. There are still some bugs in relation to that, but they're my fault so far, not his, mostly due to problems fitting his changes (based on older code) in the new Multi-threaded version.

Also... Linux support! Roland's original goal was porting the emulator to Linux, and he tells me it runs well for him. At the moment, it's slower than the Windows build, but that will be improved.

Also, again! I finally saw what you guys were complaining about, with the slow startup and disk access. I don't know exactly what causes it - it only happens in the Release build. In an effort to track down the bug, I ask that everyone who tries it please tries both Ami99.EXE (the release build), and Ami99Debug.EXE (the debug build), and tells me if they operate differently. It makes the download about 160k larger, I apologize for that, but if I nail this bug it would be nice. :)

A few other little improvements.. more of the menu options work (such as forcing the window to stay at a fixed aspect ratio). Still a lot to do, but I figured it was time to update. :)

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