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Posted by Tursi on November 22, 1999 at 10:31:09:

This one should fix the problems we've been seeing. It works on Windows 95 (even a Pentium 200). And I fixed a major bug in interrupt handling that seems to have helped speed a lot (which I wouldn't have found without all these timer issues.) More importantly, it runs at the right speed under 95, 98 and 2000. It draws the screen in all three, too. ;)

I didn't work on anything else. The biggest glaring faults:
-sound is unreliable on short beeps like the Demonstration cart likes to make.. I'm not sure, but I strongly suspect DirectSound doesn't like me turning on the volume, then turning it off so quickly... it's not getting into the mixer.
-speech is, of course, still a mess. Hearing how nice the speech in MESS is rather is disappointing, Ami99 *should* be like that, but isn't.
-Bitmap mode draws VEERRRRYYYY SSLLLLOOOWWWLLLLY... I think in part to trying to use a tile-caching method like all the other modes do. It's rather a waste of time since most programs use a different pattern for each tile, so I'll optimize it with that in mind. This means Parsec and most of the Atarisoft games are unplayably slow (They *were* faster... now they aren't? Well, that was DOS...)
-Remember that recording movies (a) eats up disk space like no tommorrow, and (b) requires your desktop to be in 16-bit mode to work. A friend pointed out there is a color shift in the movies, too. After pummeling my friend I will try and figure out what to do about that. ;)
-My games page is getting an update.. the new format gives me more flexibility to brag about each product ;)

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