Another new Mess! And Ami99 musings in reply ;)

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Posted by Tursi on November 22, 1999 at 06:57:43:

I see another new Mess was released today specifically to fix the TI palette problems. I didn't get a chance to try it, though...

I'm going to mix everyone's words up here, just pick out your own replies. ;)

re: MESS sound problems: It's been my experience that DOS programs in general, and Allegro-based stuff in specific, have all kindsa problems with "clone" sound cards... Windows programs use the manufacturer drivers and so don't tend to have as many issues. ;)

:Also, word from Raphael Nabet is that the driver
:supports V9T9-style DOAD support (SSSD only).

Yeah, I saw that when I looked at the source.

You hafta realize that FIAD is not even close to pretending to be true to the original disk controller. However, it works because the TI doesn't care what kind of device it's accessing, as long as it does what it's told. FIAD is thus just another device to the the TI emulator. :)

I still don't see why anyone would *prefer* to have their files locked away in a proprietary archive format (which is what DOAD amounts to). Or am I the only one who wants to use an emulated TI for work?

:Currently, the position to make the build isn't
:taken. Want to do it, Tursi? :)

I seriously considered it. I wonder if it might not be too difficult to simply overlay the source modifications over MAME32, modify the GUI slightly to support the multiple ROM files, and be done with it.

I might look into it. Despite everyone's kind words about Ami99, it's got some nasty bugs that I don't know when I'll have time to sort out, on top of the features left ot add. ;) MESS32 would do what everyone wants, except for the Window code.

Mind you, don't hold your breath. I know Ami99 pretty much inside-out. Every time I step into someone else's code, though, it's a royal PITA trying to figure out what they're doing. It takes forever to get familiar with a new program, especially a big one like MAME/MESS...

:Here's a thought to make ya turn green, Tursi -
:Netplay support in Ami99, so you can play games like
:Amazeing and Alpiner with someone you never met.

It wouldn't likely be *too* hard. Speed, though, would be completely dependant on the net connection. ;) The easiest way would be to patch it into KSCAN, which means it wouldn't work with all software (but would with 99% of it). But... two player simultaneous games work a lot better for that than two player alternating, and I can't think of very many of those..

:Failure to do so will bring on another rant. And
:neither of us wish for that, now do we?

I dunno, I kinda live for those kind of rants ;)

:Under WIN NT / service pack 5

I said below, but just to reiterate... I have no idea if Ami99 works with NT4.x, and I won't be attempting to make it compatible... NT4.x is just too different internally.

Did I cover everything? Er, update, I guess...

I didn't actually do any work on Ami99 over the weekend. Instead I worked on my web page. ;) Stay tuned, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel..

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