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Posted by Delirium Tremens on November 21, 1999 at 09:47:58:

In Reply to: Re: New MESS (!) posted by Tursi on November 20, 1999 at 09:05:58:

I downloaded MESS when it released, but have not tried it yet.
I am somewhat of a masochist lately ;^)

I gather from at least two messages (and myself would make three)
that you should definately NOT give up on AMI !

She is your child, do not orphan her. I don't believe there was any
talk of you doing so, but just in case you are kicking the idea around
Well, just quit kicking!

I was deeply saddened to see how neglected our TI
was when it came to emulation. But now it appears
to have a pulse once more.

Do keep up your fantastic work. Hopefully more (Emu authors)
become inspired and follow in your footsteps. Whether they too
try their hand at TI emulation or other systems.

As we all know, TI emulation is still not perfect.
Someday though, with great pioneers such as yourself
the emulation problems you tackle now will be a thing of the past.
Those mountains of obstacles will be leveled. The bug ridden lines
of code will cease to be infested. And world will become a joyous place.
Bill Gates will replace Windows 2000 with AMI2K (pretty clever name, eh?)

Elvis will live again via a cybernetic plug-in intergrated through AMI2K...
Jerry Springer will quit airing.. Cheers will start airing again with new shows...

I-I.. I'll beconsider a god because one day I can point to this message and say
"I wrote that to Lord King Emperor Tursi The Conqueror!" A-MEN !!

Yes! YES! YYEEESSSS !! Somebody slap me !!

[Boot to the head -WHACK!]

Oh, sorry. Got carried away. Where was I ?
Ah-yes, continue with AMI99. Great emulator, great guy.
Failure to do so will bring on another rant. And neither of us wish for that, now do we?


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