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Posted by Jim on November 21, 1999 at 05:45:46:

In Reply to: New MESS (!) posted by Tursi on November 20, 1999 at 09:04:50:

I just got through trying out the new MESS.
I too had problems with the display. The default screen worked for me, but had the wrong colors. I tried using the -depth option to force 8 and 16 bit color. In 8 bit I had the same display as default, still with the wrong colors. In 16 bit the screen was squashed into the left side of the display, but the colors seemed closer to being right (blue background instead of pink) but the rest of the colors were still wrong. I also tried the 16 bit with different resolutions with the same results. Also if I let the emulator run past the ti99 boot screen with 16 bit color it would crash, sometimes cold-booting my computer.
To get the emulator to display proper colors I could go into the color/graphics menu (f4) and then exit without making any changes (it didn't seem to allow any changes!?) After I did this, the colors were correct but the emulator would crash at the next keypress!
Sound did not work well for me either. It had the same problems I've had before with MAME. I could still hear the game sounds, but all through it I have a strange and annoying "motorboat" sound that is louder than the game sounds. If I listened very carefully I could still hear the speech. This was just too annoying to leave on, so after trying it a couple of times I just ran the emulator with no sound. I have not tried the different sample rates or other sound options of the emulator however. I have some kind of Riptide soundcard, soundblaster compatible (or at least it's supposed to be). If anyone has ideas on how to remedy this problem, I would appreciate hearing them.
Speed was very fast, and Parsec ran too fast on my machine even with the frameskip set at zero. It was still semi-playable, though.
I've still got my bets on Ami99. Although not as fast as MESS, it has correct colors, no "motorboat" in the sound, and running in a window. So Tursi- don't give up on Ami99 just yet!

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