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Posted by Stiletto on November 20, 1999 at 16:43:24:

In Reply to: New MESS (!) posted by Tursi on November 20, 1999 at 09:04:50:

I'd been waiting for this...

As far as I know, disk support is not yet enabled. I could be wrong though (and hopefully am)

Try searching the menu you get in MESS when you push TAB for the keyboard settings. I'm surprised CAPS Lock is not mapped to Alpha Lock.

Once I download it, I'll check on the res/refresh settings. Perhaps switching to the new palette code crushed something in the TI99 driver.

There is no official Windows port - yet. Like MAME, it will be named MESS32 - but no one is working on it yet. From what I know of the situation, MESS started soon after MAME, then trickled off about a year ago. Recently, it got a kick in the seat of the pants when someone asked why it couldn't be combined with the latest MAME code (which, incidentally, is how you build MESS - it's a MAME source code ... update, yeah, that's the word I want - I guess?) That someone took over running the project, and now has things back in full swing. Many surprising additions have been added since the last version, which was at the same level as MAME at the time, 0.2b4 - such as a PC driver, a TI99 driver, and a WIP Amiga driver. Now back up to par, while the code is easily portable to other OS's, Windows involves much more (like the development of a GUI, using DirectX for sound and video, and so on) A good GUI for MESS right now is sMESS (@ but it's rather confusing. MESS32, I hope, will look and work like MAME32, I guess. Currently, the position to make the build isn't taken. Want to do it, Tursi? :)

By the way, I am still cheerleading Ami99 though - the more emulators, the merrier. Here's a thought to make ya turn green, Tursi - Netplay support in Ami99, so you can play games like Amazeing and Alpiner with someone you never met. I don't think that'd be too hard, or affect the speed much - JUST KIDDING!


P.S. Hey, that site I pointed you to, didn't it have a time-per-instruction chart on the TMS9900 page? The guy who made the site updated it as recently as June...

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