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Posted by Delirium Tremens on October 23, 1999 at 21:46:16:

In Reply to: Getting there... posted by Tursi on October 23, 1999 at 19:20:52:

: Slowly getting used to DirectX... tonight I spent a couple of hours, and may yet spend a couple more, but got a few things done. First is voice channel support - all three channels are working.
: Second is I fixed the timer - so that the interrupts now tick 60 times a second somewhat reliably, before it was lucky to get 20-30. The result? Massive speed boost... I guess more of the problem was interrupt based than I thought. It now runs about the speed it used to. The timer had to go into a new thread, so it's now officially a multi-threaded Win32 application.

: To do: Noise channel, speech channel. Once those are done, I have a couple of speed-ups for the video routine to try, and then move the whole video draw routine into a separate thread so it doesn't slow down the rest of the emulator.

: After that, we'll see.

: But I still am not sure on sprite priority. I flipped the order it draws the sprites, and to my memory that looks better, but I can't test. It's now backwards to what V9T9 draws, but which is right? Can someone test or tell me? If you draw two sprites, say #1 and #2, which is on top? If someone has a real TI handy and can type in this quick program in XB and tell me:

: 20 CALL CHAR(42,RPT$("F",16))
: 30 CALL SPRITE(#1,42,2,50,50)
: 40 CALL SPRITE(#2,42,16,50,50)
: 50 GOTO 50

: Is the black or white sprite on top on a *REAL* TI?

: Anyway, the new binary is online, but I didn't update the source code tonight.

Damn! I forget which is which. I used to program
the heck out of TI and then have to wait for what seemed like hours to save the programs on cassette.
I wish I could remember. I'll look through some of my old TI books
and see if I see anything useful. I think I still have the extended basic manual.

Great work by the way! Thanks for not giving up on the TI project.

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