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Posted by Tursi on October 20, 1999 at 06:53:00:

In Reply to: Re: Ami99 Update posted by Jack on October 19, 1999 at 18:05:22:

:The only problem I see (other than speed!) so
:far is I'm getting a beep (specifically the
:Windows "default sound") when I press most of
:the Alt+(Fctn+)key combinations. It doesn't
:happen with the arrow keys, but does with most
:if not all of the others. The keys do work, but
:they are accompanied by the beep.

I took a look and was able to duplicate the problem... it took a bit of tracing, but I found and corrected the bug. For those who are curious:

Windows works by posting Messages to a Window for every single thing that happens. The Window decides whether to handle the event, or pass it to a default routine. For instance, a "Paint your window" event is handled by the app, while a "Resize frame" is usually handled by Windows. Ok.

The ALT key is special to Windows, and to use it as FCTN requires a special message besides the normal keyboard one, which I intercept. However, it turns out that after the KEYDOWN event is received and interpreted, it is translated into an additional message, SYSCHAR. I was just passing that message to Windows, which would then look for a matching menu shortcut, not find one, and ding. ;)

I cut that message off at the pass, and the bells are gone. ;)

I suspect that bug would have gone un-noticed if sound was in already, as the sound card would be taken over by Ami99 and Windows wouldn't be able to beep, unless you had no sound card. ;)

That's two updates I've got (one here, one email). Thanks for the reports to date. :)

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