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Posted by Tursi on October 06, 1999 at 20:11:27:

Well... a new build of Allegro was released a few days ago, however, it does NOT fix streaming audio for Windows. I poured through the source code, and came to the conclusion that Allegro's streaming code will never work under Windows without a full rewrite.

Not willing to do that rewrite, and not ready to port the entire emulator to DirectX, I sat down to work out plan B, and try a few other ideas I had.

I'm happy to report that one of them did work, and Ami99 is now capable of speaking the Synthesizer's resident vocabulary (as tested using XB's CALL SAY() ). The speech is a little bit fuzzy, but very recognizable. I don't actually know how to improve the speech, but I noticed that MAME seems just as fuzzy in some games, and it's fuzzier than the same code seemed to be in DOS, so it's either a Windows thing or a loss of resolution in the signal somewhere. I'll look at it, but no promises, as I don't understand the speech chip all that well. ;)

External speech commands, like those in Parsec, will be tommorrow. Although I have a way in mind of playing them, as well, it remains to be seen how little it will interfere with the game (hopefully not at all.)

There is no new release yet. But there will be soon.. perhaps this weekend. I need to add some of the other stuff I've promised. ;)

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