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Posted by Tursi on September 23, 1999 at 12:00:38:

In Reply to: Consider me your biggest fan :) posted by Stiletto on September 22, 1999 at 07:14:39:

Sure, I sulk and complain, but I love the attention. ;)

Thanks for the three messages of support, guys.

But yeah, the routines for TMS5220 emulation were written by Frank Palazolo for MAME, and Raphael added support for speech ROMs, and it says he made a few bugfixes. I actually had Frank's routines before the last release of Ami99, but I couldn't get any speech. Until I saw Raphael's code, I didn't know that you had to reverse the bit patterns between speak external (which I was trying) and speech ROMs (which is in the synthesizer). So I got garble. The program I uploaded is my original routine based on Frank's code with a short routine to reverse the bits (IE: it does not contain Raphael's bugfixes or Speech ROM support, so the final should be a little better).

: Tursi, if you could continue Ami99 by adding
:speech, upgrading to the latest version of
:Allegro (WIP?) and fixing the video rendering
:(for me), I'd love it...

The only thing I can guess on your video problem is that your video card doesn't like 320x200 as a DirectX mode, but it doesn't complain, either. (Cause if it fails Ami99 is supposed to fall-back to 640x400..) Heh. I'll add a configuration option to select a valid mode... I suppose it prolly should scale up, too, though that'll hurt speed a little. (hmms... could use a stretch blit...)

As for the latest WIP of Allegro - I have it and it still doesn't do streaming Audio, so until it does Ami99 is stopped. I looked at the source for Allegro and it baffles me why it doesn't work - it looks like it should. Mailed Sean Hargreaves about it, and his response was "probably doesn't work" ;) I'm watching for it... there are workarounds but it would nice to implement it right.

In theory I really should ditch Allegro and do it all myself with DirectX. I might look into that.. I don't use Allegro for a lot, really.

: Please continue the fine work. I'd rather see
:a finished Ami99 than another space
:shoot'em'up. ;)

(smiles) Well, thanks, I think. But the shooter is a lot more fun. ;)

: BTW, got any other PSX demoz coming our way?

Dunno. Loser, if you know that name, asked the same thing. I haven't much inspiration for spending more time on yet another console with limited reward. ;) Ve shall see.

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