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Posted by Tursi on August 29, 1999 at 20:54:17:

In Reply to: Re: Well... posted by Rich Polivka on August 24, 1999 at 18:37:33:

:If Mike felt unsupported by me, he never said
:anything to me. If that's the case (which I

I never had a problem with the level of support I received regarding Ami99, and certainly I didn't expect anything more from this site or any other.. the questions I had were asked on the mailing list (and sometimes answered, but I didn't expect much ;) ).

I appreciate hearing that more would have been provided if I'd asked... it's not in my nature to do so but it would have been cool. :)

But at the same time, the title page of currently contains a statement that sums up why I abandoned Ami99:

(regarding Mike Wright deciding to sell CADD)

:While I can empathize with the way he feels and
:I don't doubt him, his decision came shortly
:after what I felt to be some unfair and harsh
:criticism of PC99 on the TI list server.

Perhaps *I* am wrong, but I still feel this sort of comment is directed at me, because I started the thread that so many people called unfair criticism. I never criticised! All I did, was ask if it might be possible to release a version of PC99 with no ROMs, in order to reduce the cost. I never suggested a free version. I never suggested that CADD did a poor job. I would be happy to buy PC99 at $25 or $30, and I was also asking how much of the $50-$100 was license fees to TI. (BTW: Mike Wright was very friendly and open to me regarding this information.. I have nothing against him. I just can't afford to invest in CADD, either. Has anyone expressed interest yet?)

Anyway, everyone seemed to think my question was an attack of some kind, and some people seemed to hint that my creating of a freeware emulator was a direct attack. I never meant to attack nor criticize. I haven't even seen PC99.. it's awful hard to criticize it.

I sent a private message to Tom Wills, explaining myself, and he understood my side and posted my explanation to the list, with an apology, but by that point there was so much bubbling going on already that it was too late to put out the fires. So I shifted gears.

Unfortunately, it still bugs me that Ami99 isn't complete. No promises, but I might play with it more someday. ;)

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