Re: help with disk drive in P/E Box

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Posted by Rich Moellering ( on July 02, 2000 at 22:05:08:

In Reply to: Re: help with disk drive in P/E Box posted by Marc Turgeon on July 02, 2000 at 00:41:22:

: : Hello All!

: : I recently purchased a P/E box on e-bay with a single
: : drive and disk controller for my recently acqired
: : ti-99/4a AND ti-99/4 consoles (yes 99/4!) but could
: : not get any floppy disks to run on either consoles,
: : even ti program (phdxxxx) disks. All I get is an load
: : error code 16 (sometimes 56 or 57) message and I dont
: : know what this means since I dont have any documentation
: : other than the TI disk manuals which I followed very
: : carefully. Assuming the disks are ok (I thik its
: : unlikely that all 5 of my TI program disks would be bad)
: : I am wondering if the problem is in the disk drive,
: : disk controller card, P/E box or mabye even the flex
: : cable. BTW the disk drive and controller card both
: : light up when the run command is issued and the drive
: : does spin at which point I get an error mesage which
: : I dont know the code for. Any help would be appreciated

: : Thanks! Rich Moellering
: : [email protected]

: :
: :

: well i have a Corcomp floppy disk controler
: and i have the same problem

: i can tell you the error code but not the solution

: I/O error - this condition genarate an accompanying error code as follow

: When an I/O Error occur , a two-digit error code(xy) is displayed with the message:

: *I/O ERROR xy

: The first digit (x) indicate which I/O operation caused the error.

: 0-open
: 1-close
: 2-input
: 3-print
: 4-restore
: 5-old
: 6-save
: 7-delete

: the second value (y) indicate what kind of error occured

: 0-Device name not found(Invalid device or file name in DELETE,LIST,OLD,SAVE command)

: 1-Device write protected(attempting to write to a protected file)

: 2-Bad open Attribute(one or more OPEN option are illegal or do not match file caracteristics)

: 3-Illegal operation(Input/output command not valid)

: 4-Out of space(attempting to write when insufficient space remains on the storage medium)

: 5-End of file(attempting to read past the end of a file)

: 6-Device error(device not connected,or is damaged. this error can occur during file processing if an accessory device is accidentally disconnected while the program is running)

: 7-File error(the indicated file does not exist or the file type;program file or data file does not match the acces mode.)


Thanks for your help with the error codes. The 16 and 56 code suggests there is probably something wrong with one of my devices, but which one? Hopefully someone on the list can help us both. Ill let you know if I figure anything out myself. Thanks again.

Rich Moelleriing

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