Re: Need Help giting tape drive to work.

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Posted by marc turgeon ( on July 02, 2000 at 00:50:52:

In Reply to: Need Help giting tape drive to work. posted by Taz 3611 on May 23, 2000 at 14:56:38:

the thing tha everybody forget to tell you is you have to to put " (fct+p)

all in capital letters


I/O error - this condition genarate an accompanying error code as follow

When an I/O Error occur , a two-digit error code(xy) is displayed with the message:


The first digit (x) indicate which I/O operation caused the error.


the second value (y) indicate what kind of error occured

0-Device name not found(Invalid device or file name in DELETE,LIST,OLD,SAVE command)

1-Device write protected(attempting to write to a protected file)

2-Bad open Attribute(one or more OPEN option are illegal or do not match file caracteristics)

3-Illegal operation(Input/output command not valid)

4-Out of space(attempting to write when insufficient space remains on the storage medium)

5-End of file(attempting to read past the end of a file)

6-Device error(device not connected,or is damaged. this error can occur during file processing if an accessory device is accidentally disconnected while the program is running)

7-File error(the indicated file does not exist or the file type;program file or data file does not match the acces mode.)

: A friend of mine gave me this ti-99/4a with tape drive. I have a tape with "arizona 99 ug" as the title. on side 2 of the tape there is a program called "5. world conquest". How do I get the computer to load and run the program?

: So far all I get is "I/O error oo" what dose that mean?

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