what is my ti-99/4 worth

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what is my ti-99/4 worth

Postby will86 » March 31st, 2011, 3:25 am

i own one of these computers it s in the top of my closet in the box with i believe all the original stuff and it has been there for over 20 years i was kind of wanting to sell it but so far havent found where to sell it and i dont know what its worth if any 1 can help me id sure b gratefull thanks
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Re: what is my ti-99/4 worth

Postby Ben Yates » March 31st, 2011, 10:24 am

Depends. If it is a TI-99/4A, the console itself is worth about $5 to $10.
If it is a TI-99/4, you are looking at anywhere from $200 to $500. They are rare.

Where to sell? Ebay.
Ben Yates
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