TI99/4a Stuff Free - You Pay Shipping

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TI99/4a Stuff Free - You Pay Shipping

Postby rehnohcs » November 2nd, 2011, 11:56 am

I have a large collection of TI99/4a stuff that includes almost everything that was ever made for the TI99/4a. It is free for anybody who is willing to pay for packing and shipping.

You can view photos of the collection at this link; https://picasaweb.google.com/1010985540 ... directlink

Nostalgia is keeping me from putting it into recycling. If you are interested contact me at [email protected]
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Re: TI99/4a Stuff Free - You Pay Shipping

Postby Fitzhugh86 » January 12th, 2012, 11:40 pm

My mom recently acquired a few boxes of TI 99/4A stuff from the
elementary school where she works. They were going to throw it in the
dumpster, so she took it & gave it to me. After removing the stuff I
wanted for my collection, I have the following items leftover that I
would like to sell:
(cartridge & book only -- no boxes)
1 $2.00 Number Magic (book & cartridge marked 'Elmwood')
1 $2.00 Addition and Subtraction 2 (book marked 'Elmwood')
1 $2.00 Household Budget Management
Cable & Parts:
1 $15.00 2 TI 99/4A Computers (Black & Silver)(with Power Transformer)
(These are untested, 1 missing a key, dirty outside)
1 $35.00 TI Expansion Box with controller card & power cord.
(excellent condition)
2 $10.00 AC9500 Power Transformer (wall mount - built-in plug)
1 $10.00 AC9500 Power Transformer (2 wires on same side)
1 $15.00 UM1381 RF Modulator (LED on front)
1 $15.00 UM1381-1 RF Modulator (Broken spade lug)
1 FREE UM1381-1 RF Modulator - Broken (possibly fixable)
1 $7.00 PHA2000 TI Dual Cassette Cable
1 $5.00 PHA2622 TI Single Cassette Cable
8 $1.00 TI Programming Discovery in TI Logo - Student Guide
32 Pages, Orig. $5.95, 1053629-1, 1982
8 $1.00 TI Programming Discovery in TI Basic - Student Guide
70 Pages, Orig. $9.95, 1053665-0001, 1983
2 $1.00 Computer Awareness Program for Adults
48 Pages, Orig. $6.95, 1049710-1
14 $1.00 Computer Awareness Program [for Kids]
40 Pages, CL713, 1982
12 $2.00 TI Beginner's Basic
143 Pages, 1039023-2, 1981
I am looking for a Disk Controller and Disk Drive, RS-232 card, second
tape recorder, cartridges, tapes, books and anything else I don't have.
If you are interested in purchasing any of the above items, or would
like to trade for something I don't already have, please e-mail me
([email protected]). I will ship anywhere, provided you pay
all shipping charges from Baltimore, Maryland. Prices list above are
negotiable -- if you have an offer for something, please make it.
Jeff Hamilton
[email protected]
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Re: TI99/4a Stuff Free - You Pay Shipping

Postby ksarul » January 13th, 2012, 9:59 am

I'm not too far away from you (Northern VA). We should probably talk some.
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