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Re: Terminal Emulator II

Postby Ben Yates » May 15th, 2012, 5:56 am

Well, it can be used that way. But you have to answer all the prompts correctly. It is good to turn on echo so you can see what you type.

But it won't do file transfers between a TI and other computers. Back when it came out, there was only one standard file transfer protocol that I remember, called Kermit.

So TI rolled their own.

Yes, back in the day the TE-II was very exciting, not just for the speech. TI's were one of the first to have graphic BBSes, with music and speech! I remember logging onto one back in '83 called Texas Instruments Telecommunications System (Sysop was Blaine Richard) in Apopka, FL. He had a large collection of stuff taking advantage of the TE-II.

But I think you'd find 300baud to be very limiting today, except for local hook-ups.
Ben Yates
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Re: Terminal Emulator II

Postby ElectricLab » May 17th, 2012, 12:18 am


Indeed 300 baud is slow and this isn't supposed to be useful; but rather as my friends would say: "Civil War re-enacting". I have a penchant
for old technology and have a bad habit of collecting teletypes. I have successfully turned a model 28 into a printer on a linux box. This
is a 5-bit (baudot) machine and it's super slow, but nothing sounds like old iron.

Anyway I tried your BASIC code and it works great! I can call the other TI in the same room, place the receiver in the cradle and it works!
thanks for the tip on that!

I think what I will do is connect my TI to a linux box either via modem coupler (silly, I know) or a null modem. I'll run getty on a spare
port and be able to read email via pine, and simple terminal commands. Perhaps a twitter program would be cool. I could tweet from
my TI! I think I could get the terminal emulation worked out.

Anyway I am thrilled to, after 30 years, get my original TI talking to other systems. I wasn't allowed to have a modem
back in the day (probably because my Dad took me to see Wargames) so I didn't have one until about 1987 on a PC clone once I was
out on my own.

Thanks again,
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Re: Terminal Emulator II

Postby ksarul » May 18th, 2012, 10:12 am

Hey I totally understand the sound of one of those "ancient" Model 28s! I worked on them for more than 20 years. The machine tells you what most of its problems are just by the changes to the sounds it makes while running. Which gear set are you using Corey--45.5, 50, 60, 74.2 or 75 BAUD?
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Re: Terminal Emulator II

Postby ElectricLab » June 9th, 2012, 3:02 am

Sorry for the delay - I'm not getting emails for updates to threads - must check the spam filters.
Anyway my model 28 runs at a whopping 45.5 baud. I have a model 32, model 33, and a decwriter II. I know a lot of people
who had teletypes "back in the day" but know no one who still plays around with them. I'm subscribed
to a newsgroup called Greenkeys and there are a few enthusiasts out there.
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