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Details : Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta Cartridge Archival Set us
Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta Cartridge Archival Set

The goal of this archive is to provide a source where all the current Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta archival images can be... | Details
Details : The History of Personal Computing- TI-99 us
The History of Personal Computing- TI-99

The Story of the Personal Computer in Audio & Pictures; TI-99/4A page. | Details
Details : Bromosel's TI-99/4A Downloads us
Bromosel's TI-99/4A Downloads

2000+ programs running in TI-BASIC and Extended BASIC. | Details
Details : Poke99 fr

BASIC simulation of Pokemon GO for the TI-99/4A. | Details
Details : System 99 User Group de
System 99 User Group

English version of the System 99 User Group (SNUG) in Germany. Link to German version at the bottom of page. | Details
Details : The History of Personal Computing us
The History of Personal Computing

The history of personal computing in audio and print. Link is to the TI-99/4a episode. | Details
Details : Field Mouse Projects us
Field Mouse Projects

Retro computer hardware projects with a focus on the TI-99/4A. Projects include building a FlashROM 99 and making a... | Details
Details : FlashROM 99 us
FlashROM 99

The TI 99/4A Flash ROM Cartridge, or FlashROM 99 for short, is a cartridge for the TI 99/4A home computer that allows... | Details
Details : Java Grinder us
Java Grinder

Java Grinder is a tool that gives the ability to write programs in Java to run natively on microcontrollers, game... | Details
Details : Myti99 us

Website is intended to be visited with a TI-99/4a (using Stuart Conner's TI99 web browser). Visitors can play online... | Details
Details : TI-99 Infospot at
TI-99 Infospot

Your place for the TI-99 Home Computer Family, with focusing on internal documentation and the TI-99/8. | Details
Details : SHIFT838's TI-99/4A and Geneve 9640 Support Site us
SHIFT838's TI-99/4A and Geneve 9640 Support Site

Projects, software, and a terrific newsletter. | Details
Details : Jedimatt42 & TI-99/4a us
Jedimatt42 & TI-99/4a

Projects and software.
Some interesting things, including 'TI99 USB Keys' which interfaces a modern keyboard to the... | Details
Details : PSPTI99 us

PSPTI99 is a TI-99/4A emulator for the PSP. This is a port of the TI99sim to the PSP by Zx-81. | Details
Details : Chris Kobayashi - TI-99s/4A Retrocomputing us
Chris Kobayashi - TI-99s/4A Retrocomputing

Chris Kobayashi's TI-99/4A retrocomputing blog. | Details
Details : TI-99 Italian User Club it
TI-99 Italian User Club

Italian user group website. Has a forum, gallery, downloads, and a terrific database of software and hardware. | Details
Details : TI99 Items on Zazzle us
TI99 Items on Zazzle

Shirts, buttons and a few other items by Jchildre with Alpiner and Hunt The Wumpus designs. | Details
Details : TI99ers Hall of Fame us
TI99ers Hall of Fame

The TI99ers Hall of Fame is to recognize those in the TI99'er Community who have contributed to the success of the... | Details
Details : CS1er - TI99 Tape Converter us
CS1er - TI99 Tape Converter

Free program written by Dean Corcoran that runs in Windows and converts programs on cassette tape to an image format... | Details
Details : Device Side Data - FC5025 us
Device Side Data - FC5025

Makes the FC5025 - a USB 5.25" floppy controller that works with TI-99 floppy disks. In other words, you use this... | Details
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