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TI-99/4A Information & Resources

User Group Listing

User Group Listing for the TI-99/4A- compiled by John Van Weelie.

TI-99/4A BBS Listing

TI/Geneve Bulletin Board Directory- compiled by Timothy Tesch


TI-99/4A Bibiliography- compiled By James Fetzner

Fidonet Echo BBS Listing

Listing of BBS's Offering Fidonet's TI Echo Conference- compiled by John Van Weelie.

TI-99/4A Newsgroup

If you want to buy, sell, trade any TI equipment, or you just want to get some TI info., check out: COMP.SYS.TI

TI-99/4A List Server

The TI list server is disbanded. Instead, Tom Wills and the SW 99er's have started an on-line users group which includes a list server (see below).

For an archive of past list server messages, check Mr. Moon's TI99 email list archive.

On-Line TI-99/4A Users Group

Anyone can become a member of the on-line users group. Members are signed on to the group list server, and are able to browse messages on the group web site as well as a download area, database, and chat room. Sign up here:
Subscribe to On-Line TI-99/4A User Group
ti99-4a archive Hosted by

TI-99/4A FAQs

TI-99/4A FAQ- for the COMP.SYS.TI Newsgroup; Compiled by Jim Reiss.

TI-99/4A FAQ (II)- Latest and more extensive FAQ; Compiled By Dan H. Eicher

The Home Computer Page FAQ

TI Chips Users Group

While I was first exploring the comp.sys.ti newsgroup, I was pleased to find a post advertising that the TI Chips Users Group was still in existance. I was a member of the group back about 1984 or 1985, and was president for about 6 months before I went away to college.

For more information (corresponding memberships available), go to the TI Chips Info. page.

TI Magazine

MICROpendium was a TI-99/4A specific magazine that had been around for over 12 years.
Sadly, they ceased publication on July 31, 1999.

They still maintain a web site at and their email address is [email protected].

Through an ambitious project spearheaded by Charles Good and Mike Wright, all issues of Micropendium have been scanned into a document format and uploaded to the WHT FTP server at

TI Mailing List

The mailing list is no longer maintained. Instead, check the on line users group site- link is above.

TI-99/4A Home Computer Time Line

These articles were published in the Lima Users Group newsletter, and were then posted on the newsgroup by Charles Good. Written by Bill Gaskill, the four articles cover the rise and fall of the TI-99/4A, and are great reading.

Time Line Part 1
Time Line Part 2
Time Line Part 3
Time Line Part 4


These MICROREVIEWS by Charles Good originaly appeared in MICROpendium magazine. They are reviews of products for the TI.

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