TI-99/4A Emulators

Classic99 - Windows

Author: M. Brent (AKA Tursi)

Classic99 was formerly the 'Ami99 Emulator'.
It is currently in version 3.1a2, and has been updated to include new ROMs, 'magic' disk ability has been added so things like Editor/Assembler can have their support files available, a menu for ROM/system selection has been added, and it now had more reasonable defaults for today's machines.

Download from Tursi's site: http://www.harmlesslion.com/software/Classic99

TI994W - Windows

Author: Frederik G. Kaal

Still a work in progress, but most functions work. See the 'readme' file for more information.

You can use the same ROM and GROM image files as for V9T9 or MESS (I had to rename the MESS file '994agrom.bin' to '994agrom.gpl' in order for it to work).

Ti994w.zip- 436 KB

PC99 (For the PC)

PC99 runs in the DOS enviorment and emulates the TI-99/4A and some peripherals. You can also purchase licensed versions of TI Command Moudule images as well as scanned versions of manuals.

PC99 by CaDD Electronics. Contact them at:
CaDD Electronics
45 Centerville Drive
Salem, NH 03079-2674
(603) 895-0119
Web Page: http://pw2.netcom.com/~mjmw/index.html
E-mail at:[email protected]

View screen shots from PC99

PC99 Resources:

For PC99 utility programs, visit the utility page

  • PC99 Menu-Windows front-end for PC99
  • Download some of my TI disks in PC99 format.
  • Stephen Shaw's PC99 Programs
  • The PC99 file area on the Western Horizon Technologies FTP server
  • Lapinkult's TI-99/4A Page
  • Software for the TI-99/4A by Brad Snyder

    V9T9 (For the PC)

    This is the older Windows version of V9T9 which until recently, was no longer supported by it's author, Edward Swartz.  In 2013, Swartz released a new version in Java.  You can download it on his site at http://eswartz.github.com/emul/ 

    Download version 6.0 (For Windows, old version):
    600v9t9.zip 930KB 

    Download v9t9 6.0 documentation. If these files didn't come with your copy of v9t9, unzip them to a directory named Docs within the V6.0 directory.
    Docs.zip 110KB

    On some computers, V9T9 does not detect the processor if it is a 386 or higher. To remedy this, Kerry Lee High Jr. has removed the processor check from v9t9.exe. If you've been having problems, download v9t9fix.zip, unzip it, and replace v9t9.exe with v9t9fix.exe.

    V9T9 Bug Report: 600v9t9.bug 841 Bytes

    V9T9 Mini Memory bug fix by Jim Z.
    Download Memcode.inc 15KB

    Double Side Disks
    This zip file contains the V9T9DS.EXE file, which is the V9T9.EXE modified by Andy Becker on July 2001 so as to handle Double Side Disks on V9T9.
    V9T9DSSD.zip 48KB

    V9T9 Source Code:
    v9t9src.txt 1.48KB
    v9t9src.zip 698KB

    V9T9 Resources:

    For V9T9 utility programs, visit the utility page

  • Download V9T9 Runner - Windows front end
  • Michael Fox's TI Page
  • Red Baron Software
  • Roger Price's TI Page
  • Ed Gerken's TI99/4A Page
  • Bromosel's TI-99/4a Downloads- v9t9 disk archive
  • ftp://99er.plethora.net/pub/emu/
  • The V9T9 file area on the Western Horizon Technologies FTP server
  • TI-99/4A Emulator Page
  • Lapinkult's TI-99/4A Page- Freeware programs in V9T9, ASCII, and PC99 (see below) formats.
  • Addatex Software

    Ami99 by M. Brent/Tursi (For Windows 95, 98, NT?)

    A really cool TI emulator for Windows that started out on the Amiga. Writen in C, requires a set of TI ROMS.

    (Discontinued- Now The Classic99 Emulator)


    Recently released Open source Linux TI-99 emulator.

    Website: http://www.mrousseau.org/programs/ti994a/
    Author: Marc Rousseau


    M.E.S.S. (Multi Emulator Super System) now offers emulation of the TI.

    The Official M.E.S.S. Homepages is located at: http://mess.emuverse.com/

    Check out the TI screenshot on the MESS screenshot page at: http://mess.emuverse.com/

    For M.E.S.S. utility programs, visit the utility page

    M.E.S.S. Resources

    MacV9T9 (For the Macintosh)

    I don't own a Mac, so I have no personal experience with this emulator but it apparently uses the same file types (Disk and ROM) as the PC version of v9t9. The author states that this version is incomplete and he is not certain when he will make a final release.

    Author: Raphaël Nabet
    Webpage: http://perso.club-internet.fr/pytheas/english/TI99.html
    Requires: Macintosh with 500 kb of free memory, system 7, and Color Quickdraw
    Download version 0.2.1a2 (11/7/99):
    (Note: Since I have been doing poorly at keeping up with all of the new versions of MAC V9T9, I am not keeping a copy of it for download on this site, and I am directing download request to the author's web page.)

    MacV9T9 Resources

    The Tutti Emulator by Cameron Kaiser (For the Commodore 64, or a C64 emulator)

    An emulator of the TI-99 clone, the Tomy Tutor. A link to Cameron's Tutti Emulator information page can be found on his web page: The Little Orphan: The Tomy Tutor.

    coverIan Gledhill has written a Tomy Tutor emulator that runs in Windows. For more information, check out Cameron Kaiser's Little Orphan web site or the Tomy Tutor Yahoo Group (source code available here). The emulator is version 1.0 and requires the SDL Library in order to run. Be sure to check out Ian's retro-computer website at www.retroreview.com.
    Download TutorEm V1.0 - 49KB

    TI-99/4A Emulator by Ton Brouwer (Linux)

    I haven't tested this as I don't run Linux, but here's the information file:

    Title: TI for Linux
    Version: 0.2
    Entered-date: Mar 28 1998
    Description: This package contains a TI-99/4A emulator,
    requires (G)ROM images to run at all.
    Keywords: Texas Instruments TI emulator
    Author: Ton Brouwer
    Maintained-by: [email protected] (Stefan Haubenthal)
    Primary-site: ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/system/emulators
    13K ti4linux-0.2.tar.gz
    Alternate-site: http://home.pages.de/~haubi/ports/
    13K ti4linux-0.2.tar.gz
    Copying-policy: Freeware but ROMs

    Download Version 0.2:
    ti4linux-0_2_tar.tar 14KB

    TI-99/4A Emulator by Ton Brouwer (For the PC)

    A fairly simple, text only emulator. As far as I can tell, it only allows you to operate in TI-Basic.

    TI99EMUL.ZIP -52.1KB.

    TI-99/4A Emulator by Ton Brouwer, ported by Stefan Haubenthal (For the Amiga)

    TI4Amiga.lha- 226 Bytes

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