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Date Added: May 20, 2022 12:56 PM
Description: XB 2.9 G.E.M. is a greatly expanded version of Tony Knerr's XB 2.7

The cartridge contains utilities that enhance Extended BASIC's graphics capabilities. XB256, T40XB, T80XB, THE MISSING LINE, and THE MISSING LINK GRAPHICS ADVENTURE are all available from the main menu or from a running program.
60 different fonts can be loaded from the cartridge or loaded from or saved to disk.
Programs can be chained together and when the new program runs it will retain all numeric and string variables. This allows very large programs with the size limited only by disk capacity
A powerful new editor is included that permits full screen editing in 40 and 80 columns.
You can save or load programs in either IV254 format or DV80 format, and windows text if you are using an emulator.
Creator/Author: Harry Wilhelm
Version: 2.9
File Size: 1.783KB
Type Of File: ZIP
MD5: ecf2e1c26ccee4ad8ce22771c651187a
Last Download: Apr 22, 2024 02:26 AM
Downloads: 316
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Tags: XB, graphics
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