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Date Added: Jan 02, 2015 02:02 PM
Description: The zipped folder contains \"The Missing Link 2.0\" and its documentation. An earlier version was was published by Texaments in 1990.
TML gives the XB programmer easy access to the bit mapped features of the 9918 VDP.
Full color cartesian graphics, turtle graphics, and sprite graphics (32 sprites with auto motion) are supported.
Text can be displayed on screen with fonts having sizes ranging from 4x6 pixels to 8x8 pixels.
The manual is significantly updated with many previously undocumented features. A tutorial called \"Potatohead\" is included.
There is a loader that embeds A/L subroutines in high memory. This lets you combine assembly language with an XB program to be run directly out of high memory.
Creator/Author: Texaments
Version: 2.0
Documentation: /files/wilhelm/TML.pdf
File Size: 706KB
Type Of File: ZIP
MD5: db967b378fa941274afc7967c3fb4460
Last Download: Apr 19, 2024 09:56 AM
Downloads: 1219
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Tags: utilities, graphics, Texaments
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