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XBGame Developers Package
Date Added: Aug 30, 2018 12:22 PM
Description: XB Game Developer's Package "Frappato"
Update - "Frappato" is simpler to use, faster, and more versatile than ever. When compiling, all the fields are filled out automatically and you just press Enter every time there is a prompt.
The package contains two applications that work together to make it possible to produce arcade quality games with XB.
XB256 greatly expands the graphics capabilities in XB, allowing a program to toggle between the normal XB screen and a second screen that can define all 256 characters. There are routines that can scroll in any direction one character or one pixel at a time. Sound tables can be played from XB (2 at a time if desired) and there are utilities to compile CALL SOUNDs into sound tables.
XB COMPILER compiles an XB program into the equivalent assembly language, giving a 30x or better gain in speed. It supports all the subroutines in XB256.
Although designed to complement each other, they are stand alone utilities. Both can be run on a real TI99 with nothing more than XB, 32K and a disk drive.
Creator/Author: Harry Wilhelm
Version: 8-17-18 Frappato
File Size: 2,060KB
Type Of File: ZIP
MD5: ee722d546e390bffcb48ac3abf060523
Last Download: Apr 20, 2019 04:56 PM
Downloads: 529
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Tags: utilities, XB, games, programmig
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