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By Peter Franzén on 01/06/03
still remembers it with a tear
By Daniel on 01/06/03
I miss my first computer (1983)
By Manolis on 01/06/03
My first TI was beige. I believe this was the only model imported in Greece. There was a TV series at the time that featured the TI as well, and they had beige consoles. Probably lot of the PAL consoles were beige. I now also have a black & silver PAL console, got from a guy in Germany through ebay.
By Anonymous on 01/06/03
Jeff Bruderly
By Bobthearch on 01/07/03
Bought it at garage sale in Albuquerque about six years ago. Bought a white one, never used, last year on eBay. The white is my favorite!
By Anonymous on 01/07/03
Chris Brown
By Mimmo Lamparelli on 01/09/03
By Foxtrot on 01/09/03
By Richard Pedersen on 01/09/03
By Barry on 01/09/03
I still have it
By john on 01/10/03
i love the basic editor
By Gaylord Focker on 01/10/03
By Dan Eicher on 01/11/03
Did you ever use the second cassette port anyway?
By ToTo on 01/11/03
hy, is there anybody on bord ?
By Ola S. on 01/14/03
The easiest computer to use in programming ever
By Fabrice Montupet on 01/14/03
It was my first computer! (Christmas 1982)
By Dominic Solis on 01/14/03
Best computer I have ever had.
By Horacio T. on 01/16/03
My first and only TI 99/4A was beige. The Black & Silver model was rare in Argentina.
By Kimberly on 01/18/03
I can remember playing games that helped me learn how to read...<br>
By David Mayer on 01/18/03
I would like to get another PE box and Advneture games
By Anonymous on 01/19/03
Ed Maner
By Anonymous on 01/20/03
By Tara on 01/22/03
I love antiquated computers. I am trying to find cables for this one
By RebSolo on 01/25/03
Believe it or not, one day many years ago, I went around to the back of my apartment building to throw out a bag of garbage. It was raining that day, and I'll never forget what I saw lying against the wall on its side: a TI 99/4a computer. It was wet from the rain, but once I got it inside, I removed the cover and use a hair dryer to dry it off. After that, I hooked it up with cables I borrowed from my best friend (who owns a TI 99/4) to see if it worked. Sure enough, I heard the old familiar bootup "beep" and saw the bootup screen. It finally died the end of last year but what more could I ask for free?
By Joachim V. on 01/28/03
Realy love my good old TI - but havnt got much time for it.
By JR on 01/28/03
legends never die ...
By Pat on 01/29/03
Was my first home computer, I think I was about 8 when my parents bought it. I played "The Attack" until I burned my retinas.
By Anonymous on 01/30/03
Bob Krause<br>(Used to be editor of the TI-994A Bytemonger in Lexington, KY)
By UberGanja on 01/30/03
I loved it !
By Derek Mathews on 01/31/03
I grew up playin games on it. Twas a great system!
By Encore on 02/02/03
Those were the days....
By Paolo_it on 02/02/03
It looked pure aseptic modern spatial
By Antonio from Italy on 02/03/03
I'm happy today, TI99 was my first computer :-)
By David B Ward on 02/03/03
By bart on 02/03/03
great site!
By opiescott on 02/04/03
still have it today, still works flawless.
By Robert Spann on 02/04/03
Didnt really last too long, well i still have it but i got a C-64 soon after i got the TI.
By Dart A Fox on 02/04/03
I have fond memories of my days when I was a kid. Sitting in my room for days on end with my TI 99.
By Bob Kaspar on 02/04/03
I still have & use it
By Thomas on 02/06/03
Its defective power supply forced me to buy a Beige system later due to overheating.
By FAbian Perez on 02/09/03
my first computer, i love, and is in this moment is conected for remember a good moments<br>
By François Morrissette on 02/11/03
Still got the original box and everything!
By Shaun Bebbington on 02/12/03
This was my first computer ever!
By Ted on 02/13/03
I loved my TI-99. i have 2 1/2 of them right now. Looking to get a hard drive, printer, and floppy drive for it!<br>
By Jerry Hinton on 02/16/03
By Frank Billeri on 02/18/03
Black & Silver consoles were made prior to 1984
By Michael Koeckritz on 02/22/03
I had the newwer version, than that displayed on tour picture. I later switched to the 99/4A compatible Geneve9640 by Myark of New Jersey, USA We had a lot of fun and got our programming experience in Basic and Assembly with this little machine.<br>I still think that it was the best you could get!<br>cheers!
By Peter Navarro on 02/23/03
I'm trying to find out when my first computer was being sold to figure out how long I've been a user/programer for.
By Matthew Hagerty on 02/23/03
My Dad bought it for me when I was 13 years old (that was in 1983) instead of sending me to computer camp (which cost $200 at the time.) We bought it from JC Penny for $150.00 with a $50 rebate. Thus began my introduction to computers and programming. Great computer, lots of fond memories!
By Dave Oswald on 02/27/03
Lots of fun typing programs from magazines.
By Anonymous on 02/27/03
By Mike on 03/03/03
I miss it!