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[list settings.list name] - Version 3.009 of Win994a Released

Cory Burr has released the latest version of his TI-99/4A simulator, Win994a.

Win994a was already a really easy way to run a virtual TI-99/4A on your Windows computer, but improvements to the interface make it even easier to use now. A Microsoft Office-like ribbon makes it easy to access function keys and preference options. Tabs across the top of the program window make it easier to insert cartridges, floppy disks, and tapes.

You can find more information, screen shots, and the download link at:


The program is freeware- it doesn't cost you anything.

A big thanks to Cory for his great work!

Interested in getting a real TI-99/4A? Click this link to check Ebay for TI-99/4A gear:


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