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The TI-99/4A Home Computer Page (HCP)
Newsletter #57
April 24, 2003

Cory Burr has released a new TI-99/4A simulator for use in Windows. This program is great! It installs like any other Windows program, and comes with everything you need. Windows drop-down menus are used to load in disks and cartridges. To view screen shots and download, go to: http://www.99er.net/win994a.shtml . The simulator is an unsupported project, so I’ve created a ‘help’ area in the emulator forum at: http://www.99er.net/cgi-bin/ikonboard/ikonboard.cgi?s=6968ed64e09688dcf5a303a34e83a891;act=SF;f=14 . Post any questions or problems here.

After 5/26/03, I will no longer be offering free web hosting with 99er.net . If you have a site on 99er.net, you should have received a 30 day notice of this. When I first started the hosting, I had hoped that it would spawn a number of new TI-99 and classic computer web sites. Other than a few, this never happened and most of the 300+ sites were junk. When someone recently created a site of questionable taste, I decided to pull the plug. I had offered the hosting through communityarchitect.com . If you have a site that is not TI-99 related, you can check their web page for links to others that offer the same free hosting package through them as I did. I’ve already made arrangements to host a couple of smaller TI99 sites directly off of my server. If you currently have a 99er site and it has TI99 content, email me to see if I can add you. One of the best TI99 sites that is hosted is Bill Gaskill’s TI-99/4A Timeline and Encyclopedia. The site is too big to host from my server without eating up all my remaining disk space, but Bill promises that he’ll have the site up and running elsewhere in a few months. In the meantime, you can still check it out at: http://timeline.99er.net . BTW- free email with 99er.net is still available.

Order your TI99 bumper sticker at http://www.99er.net/stickers.html . The stickers are the European ‘oval’ kind, measure 4"x6", and are made out of durable polyprophlene.

I cover the cost of web hosting 99er.net out of my own pocket. The site doesn’t make any money- I just do it because I enjoy it and love these old computers. I don’t mind paying for it, but I will gratefully accept donations. You can donate with your credit card through Amazon.com by going to http://www.99er.net/cgi-bin/to.cgi?l=99erdonate . If you’re not inclined to send money, please remember to click on the banner ads before you leave the site.

In addition to the ‘feature auction’, I’ve added links to search Ebay for ‘vintage PCs’ and ‘vintage video games’. You can use the links on the site, or these:
That last one is just a basic Ebay search. If you’re going to bid on something or you want to sign up for an Ebay user account, please use these links to get to Ebay. When you do, 99er.net will receive a small fee that I’ll use to pay for the costs associated with the site.

I have a working Speak & Math unit that’s in great working shape. No box or manual is included. Asking price is $10.00. Email me at [email protected] if interested.

-The DragonsWeb Labs BBS is online at (912) 653-5138. The BBS supports the TI and Geneve and will cover science, technology, engineering, and all classic computers.
-I recently scanned a number of documents that were sent to me by Bob Kaspar. PDF versions of Ryte Data newsletters, Asgard Software newsletters, and a few TI PEB card manuals were uploaded to the ftp.whtech.com site.
-Updated and organized the freeware page at http://www.99er.net/freeware.html
- Frederik Kaal has updated his TI-99/4a emualator as well as Tidir. Tidir is a Windows program that is used to browse TI-99 files in v9t9 format. Both can be downloaded from ftp.whtech.com .
-Fatmangames has an article on building your own TI-99/4A composite video cable at http://www.fatmangames.com/News/NewsViewer.asp?newsid=174 .
-I recently purchased two cool toys. They’re the Atari and Activision ‘10 in 1' classic TV games. Each is a joystick in a self-contained unit that connects to your TV’s audio and video RCA jacks. Buttons on the joystick allow you to select from one of ten of the original Atari or Activision games. They are no longer produced, but the front page of 99er.net has links to search for them on Ebay. As a side note, I also recently bought an even more amazing ‘168 in 1' game unit that has a number of classic video games that you can select from. It’s really a great item- searching ebay for something like ‘ultimate video game’ will probably turn one up.

The Classic Computer Magazine Archive
http://www.atarimagazines.com/ - In addition to Atari magazines, they also have multi-platform magazines such as Compute! and Creative Computing.

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for your support.
Happy TI'ing!
[email protected]

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