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The TI-99/4A Home Computer Page (HCP)
Newsletter #56
February 3, 2003

I havenít had much time to update the site recently- Iíve actually been trying to put it back together. Early in January, someone hacked into it and saw fit to delete many of the databases that belonged to parts of the site such as the link library, message forum, and the classifieds. My backup files failed, and I was forced to reinstall many parts of the site from scratch. In most cases, this meant that all of the data was lost- all of the old forum messages and classified ads were gone. The most recent newsletter mailing list was also lost, so Iíve had to rely on an older version of it- if you had previously removed yourself from this newsletter list, sorry for the inconvenience, and use the link at the bottom of this email to remove yourself again. Almost everything is working again, and in some cases, I installed updated or better versions of the programs. The classified and poll programs are both new and look much better than the previous ones. When you get a chance, browse the message board and participate in one of the discussions or start a new one.

Frederik Kaal has written a new TI-99/4a emulator that runs in Windows. Itís available at ftp.whtech.com in the Ďemulatorsí directory (I hope to have it available on 99er.net soon). It tried it out, and it looks pretty promising. To get it to work, you need to supply the TI99 console ROMs. I downloaded them from Michael Foxes web site (check the 99er.net link database under Ďemulationí), but found that I needed to rename 994agrom.bin to 994agrom.gpl .

Order your TI99 bumper sticker at http://www.99er.net/stickers.html . The stickers are the European Ďovalí kind, measure 4"x6", and are made out of durable polyprophlene.

Iím sorry to say that all of the RF modulators are gone. On the bright side, 50 modulators that were doomed to the dump have been sent to loving TI99 homes.

I cover the cost of web hosting 99er.net out of my own pocket. The site doesnít make any money- I just do it because I enjoy it and love these old computers. I donít mind paying for it, but I will gratefully accept donations. You can donate with your credit card through Amazon.com by going to http://www.99er.net/cgi-bin/to.cgi?l=99erdonate . As a matter of fact, if you donate more then $4 and live in the US and would like a TI99 bumper sticker, email your address with your donation, and Iíll get one out to you. If donít want to use Amazon, email me and arrangements can be made to use Paypal or standard mail.

If youíre not inclined to donate money, at least click on the banner ads on the top of the site pages. By doing so, the site gets $0.06.

I have a working Speak & Math unit thatís in great working shape. No box or manual is included. Asking price is $10.00. Email me at [email protected] if interested.

-Cameron Kaiserís Tomy Tutor web site has been updated. Link is in the ĎRelated Systemsí area of the link database.
-The 2003 Classic Computer and Gaming Show that was to be held in Cleveland has been cancelled
-A PDF copy of the Speak & Math workbook has been uploaded to the documentation page, and links to scanned copies of several TI Computer Advantage Club booklets can also be found there.
-I recently scanned the Mini Memory, Line-by-Line Assembler, TI Disk Memory, Centipede, and Pac Man manuals into PDF format and uploaded them to the ftp.whtech.com site.
-Videos taken at the 2002 Chicago TI Faire can be downloaded in the \video\Chicago TI Fair 2002 Videos directory at ftp.whtech.com .

The PAC MAN Page

If youíve wanted to try the Linux operating system, but didnít want to bother with having to install it on your computer along with your current OS, Knoppix Linux is for you. Knoppix is a free bootable CD that runs Linux on your computer- all from the CD without having to install anything on your hard drive. All you do is go to http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html , download the ISO image, and then burn it to a CD. Then, reboot your computer with the CD in, and Linux will boot up and load X11 and then the KDE desktop. Itís amazing what theyíve included on one CD- there are tons of games and utilities, the Mozilla web browser, and the OpenOffice suite. From my experience, Knoppix seems to auto detect hardware on most of the systems that Iíve tested it with- it even found my network connection. Check it out if youíve been wanting to play with Linux, or even if you are a Linux veteran- Iím sure that youíll be impressed. Itís Linux that you can carry in your pocket and run on just about any system that boots to CD!

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for your support.
Happy TI'ing!
[email protected]

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