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The TI-99/4A Home Computer Page newsletter is sent out no more than once a month and will list the recent additions and updates to the site as well as recent events in the TI-99 world.


9  The TI-99/4A Home Computer Page Newsletter
Sent January 22nd, 2011

8  [list settings.list name] - Version 3.009 of Win994a Released
Sent July 5th, 2009

7  TI-99/4A HCP Newsletter
Sent June 14th, 2007

6  TI-99/4A HCP Newsletter
Sent June 20th, 2005

5  TI-99/4A HCP Newsletter
Sent February 20th, 2005

4  TI-99/4A HCP Newsletter
Sent June 25th, 2004

3  TI-99/4A HCP Newsletter
Sent January 28th, 2004

2  TI-99/4A HCP Newsletter
Sent April 24th, 2003

1  TI-99/4A HCP Newsletter
Sent February 3rd, 2003



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