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Eprom Programmer
I promised a few people I would post info on a recently purchased Eprom Programmer.

I found this unit listed in a few locations but settled on a vendor on ebay.
Besides being able to program 2532 directly it can program just about any other chip out there. Though some chips may require an adapter.
It also (most of the time) will run right off the USB port.

There is a newer version , but this one is fine.

True USB GQ-3X EPROM chip Burner Programmer

It can be had for as little as $79 with shipping, in my opinion, it's a no brainer.

For the majority of chips you will be programming there is no need for any adapters of even external power. Some of the eproms need the supply augmented, a wall transformer works fine. Most of the time it can program them using the power from the USB port.

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