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MainByte 32K16 Hardware Project Question
I was looking through the MainByte site and saw the 32K16 expansion setup and it said to contact a Richard Bell, but unfortunately his email is no defunct.
The project is at:
MainByte 32K16 Hardware Project

Even if he is not selling them anymore, I was hoping that at least the schematic and parts list for the project would be available.

Anyone out there that can help?

Hey All! :-)
This is kind of OFF-THE-TOPIC, but, still has relevance, I think:
Does anyone know if the 32K epansion card will work with the Mini-PEB that has the SD-card ( of 1 Gig size) that "emulates" a Floppy-Disk System? It is made by a guy in Texas called Jaime Mailong...and he sells them on Ebay.
Also... can this "32K16" project be used without having the "case" of the Ti99/4a Mobo "open" (that is, can I reassemble/repack all the "console" and still have it fit in it's case?).

Thanks in advance, and, GREAT SITE, Rich P! I really like your "upgrade" from the old" :-)

Bye for now...


John "Jt" Stimac
The CF7+ (or the NanoPEB variants of it) already have 32K built into the board, so there is no need to attach a 32K card in addition to it, JT. It also depends on which version of it you buy, as the CF7+ has a parallel port in addition to the 32K and the Compact Flash disk emulator, and the NanoPEB is the same except that it has a serial port instead of a parallel one. I have both, although I personally prefer the CF7.

On the 32Kx16 in the console modification, these are originally from Germany. The board goes into the console and you can button it back up once the mod is done (it fits inside there very nicely). A circuit diagram of the original modification is of limited use, as the board incorporates a PAL for which we don't have the JEDEC files or the equations to recreate them. As the creator (Michael Becker) set the fuses on the PAL, you can't easily read it out either. It would be possible to measure every single input and see what each of the outputs does based on those inputs, but that would be a bit time-consuming.
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